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Put your customer data to work. Our phone works with your Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho and Salesforce CRM and is specially designed for organisations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana.

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It's crystal clear for our customer Tatu City. Knowing your customer is essential to boosting satisfaction when making and receiving hundreds of calls.

Build an IVR bot in 5 mins.

The best communication tool in Africa is Voice. An IVR — Interactive Voice Response — Helps you serve your customer any time of the day. Calls are routed to the right persons and recorded for quality and assurance purposes.

Voice is currently supported in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria

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An IVR is an automated call answering and routing system. An example of an IVR is when you are asked to select 1. for marketing and 2. for finance when you call a business phone. An IVR allows companies to answer all phone calls and sometimes provide a resolution to customers before they reach the most expensive resource; the agents.

IVRs can either be self-hosted using an IPBX or outsourced to cloud platforms like HelloDuty. Unless you have a dedicated IP address and 100% power, locally hosted IVRs are often very difficult to maintain and require and always an available technician to fix them. That is why most companies prefer to cloud-host IVRs on platforms like HelloDuty.

With HelloDuty, you get the advantage of a locally hosted, always available and secure phone system that requires no code to build or maintain. Furthermore, you can integrate other platforms like email, SMS or CRMs like Salesforce to create cases on calls received.

Moreover, customers using Salesforce can now build a 360˚ call centre app using our native Salesforce CTI integration app.

Relationships that matter.

Plan, engage, and analyse with ease. Transform your customer relationship with an all-in-one platform.

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