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Are you looking to revolutionize your customer service operations in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana? HelloDuty's CTI integration with Freshdesk is the ultimate solution. Whether you're dealing with Safaricom in Kenya, MTN in Nigeria, or other leading providers in Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana, this integration is your key to seamless and efficient customer interactions.

Freshdesk: The Hub for Streamlined Operations

Freshdesk, renowned for its user-friendly interface, becomes even more powerful with HelloDuty's CTI integration. Agents handling customer inquiries across different telecom providers in these African countries can now enjoy a seamless experience.

Localized Solutions Across Africa

For businesses operating in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana, Freshdesk's integration with HelloDuty provides a localized approach to customer service. Tailored solutions for each region ensure a personalized touch.

Efficient Click-to-Call Functionality

No more manual dialing hassles. Whether assisting Safaricom users in Kenya, MTN-related concerns in Nigeria, or addressing other telecom providers in Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana, Freshdesk's click-to-call feature allows agents to initiate calls effortlessly, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Personalized Customer Interaction Across Multiple Providers

Freshdesk's screen pops offer instant context, providing detailed information about callers across Safaricom, MTN, and other telecom providers in Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana. This personalized touch enhances customer service, irrespective of the provider.

Simplified Call Management

HelloDuty's CTI integration simplifies call management for customer interactions across these African countries. Transfer calls, place them on hold, or mute them—all within the Freshdesk interface.

Trust-building Local Numbers

Recognizing the importance of local numbers in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana, Freshdesk's integration with HelloDuty ensures businesses have the advantage of offering local numbers. This not only fosters customer trust but also reduces calling costs.

CRM Integration and Data Synchronization

Keep customer data organized and accessible. Freshdesk seamlessly integrates with HelloDuty's CTI, ensuring synchronization of customer information across platforms for telecom providers in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana.

Customizable Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency

Tailor processes to match the unique needs of businesses across these African countries. HelloDuty's CTI integration allows for the creation of custom workflows, enhancing efficiency and consistency in handling customer inquiries.

Informed Decision-Making with Advanced Analytics

Stay ahead with detailed insights. Freshdesk's integration provides advanced analytics and reporting, offering valuable data on call volumes, wait times, call outcomes, and agent performance.

Benefits of HelloDuty's Phone Integration with Freshdesk

  1. Automated Ticket Creation: Streamline your customer service process with automated ticket creation, ensuring that every interaction is documented seamlessly.
  2. Call Recording: Gain valuable insights and ensure compliance with call recording features, providing a comprehensive record of customer interactions.
  3. Call Routing: Optimize call handling with intelligent call routing, ensuring that customers are directed to the right department or agent for a quicker resolution.

HelloDuty's CTI integration with Freshdesk is not just about telecom providers; it's about transforming customer service across Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana.


Revolutionise Customer Service in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana with HelloDuty's Freshdesk Integration: Streamlined Telecom Support for Enhanced Efficiency

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Understanding CTI's and SoftPhones.

Be able to see what is important and make changes instantly with powerful data and integartions tothird party platfors like Africa's Talking, Twilio and Infobip.

What is a CTI or SoftPhone application?
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CTI — Computer Telephony Integration — is an integration to current computer systems that enables computers to control and manage phone calls, providing a seamless interaction between enterprise phone systems and computer systems.

How does a CTI work on my computer?
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A CTI can work by either install our application for the Microsoft, Android and IOS marketplace, or directly on your browser. Using your account, you can integrate to third party systems to fetch an store data.

How can I get a phone number?
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Send an email to support[at] and we can help you procure one.

I already have a phone number can I use it?
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Yes. You can use your existing phone number.

We will however have to first virtualise it. The process of virtualisation, will disable any abilities from the physical phone number and enable its use on a soft phone.

However, a virtualised phone number will only be able to receive incoming calls but not able to make outgoing calls.

A virtualised phone number is "Masked" with another number. This other number is what will be able to make outgoing calls on behalf of the virtualised phone number.

We therefore only recommend virtualisation for migration purposes only. Once migrated, you can use the "Mask" number as advertised number.

I have a phone number with Africa's Talking, Twilio or Infobip will it work?
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If you have already acquired a phone number with Africa's Talking, Twilio or Infobip that is okay. We can connect your phone number to our system for same day delivery.

Send an email to support[@] and we shall set you up.

What are the benefits of a CTI?
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The benefits of a CTI are numerous, ranging from a personalised IVR — interactive voice routing —, call routing, queue management and call recording among many other benefits.