Serve your customers next to your Salesforce data.

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Reports and dashboards
Super agents

A customer 360 experience.

With a Salesforce CTI integration, you can easily build a customer 360 view for your agents to work from and access the true power of the customer console.


Pop up the calling contact or case to provide quick access to the agent.


Activate Salesforce's powerful click-to-dial. No copy-pasting phone numbers to make calls.


Customer data does not leave Salesforce, hence boosting data privacy and security.


In-built call system where your data lives.


Available IVR call routing tree to pre-create a case or contact before your agents answer the call.

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Combining the power of Salesforce with robust telephony infrastructure, Automatically creates leads and cases, helps your agents save time serving, records all calls and creates call logs.

We currently provide this in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.

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*Price does not include $27 for a recurring phone number or Airtime minutes.
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A CTI, or Cloud Telephony Integration, is a popular software that helps connect telephones to computers. On Salesforce Service Cloud, a CTI helps your agents receive and make calls to contacts from their browser.

Brrng's Salesforce CTI Integration is a cloud-hosted  PBX that includes a virtual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for Call routing and native SOQL integration for data querying. All inbound and outbound calls are recorded and stored for later review. — Most importantly, no developer resources are needed to get started.

Relationships that matter.

Plan, engage, and analyse with ease. Transform your customer relationship with an all-in-one platform.

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