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7 Platforms and integrators that offer Mpesa Api integration in Kenya

The Mpesa portal has given access to software developers to integrate into various systems allowing businesses the possibility of accepting online payments in Kenya.

These are the top 8 platforms and integrators that offer Mpesa API integration in Kenya:

  1. Pesapal
  2. HelloDuty
  3. Ziprof
  4. SoftwaresKE‍
  5. ‍Shara Solutions
  6. Pamatech
  7. Inceptor

Mpesa is one of Kenya's most widely used mobile money platforms, with approximately 30 million people using it monthly. It's no surprise that businesses have been leveraging it, with the average number of 3.2 million businesses using the platform to accept payments as of 2021, and the number keeps increasing.

The golden question is, how exactly do these businesses manage to accept their mpesa payments online?

What is the Mpesa API integration?

API integration is the communication channel between an application, website or system with another over the internet. The Mpesa API is the publicly available channel to connect your application to the Mpesa application. 

In 2015 Safaricom opened up the Mpesa API for software developers to integrate into various systems, which opened up businesses to the possibility of accepting online payments in Kenya.

Platforms that offer Mpesa Integration services

No-Code solutions

These solution providers require programming to deliver the MPESA checkout experience to your application.


  • Cheaper to implement as no upfront costs are required.
  • Faster and easier to implement, depending on the provider. It can take between 5 mins and an hour.
  • Developer time is not needed. It's, therefore, cheaper and easier to implement.
  • Guarantee of future updates that do not require extra developer time to adjust.
  • For platforms like HelloDuty, it is easy to customise and include MPESA as part of a business process flow.


  • You don't own the underlying source code. The provider holds and manages it.
  • For platforms like Pesapal, it might be challenging to customise the component to your liking.
  • Platforms like Pesapal will charge extra for the service.
  1. Pesapal: They offer ready-made plugins that integrate to platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify. In addition to Mpesa, they also provide card payments on the same plugins. 
  2. Brrng: HelloDuty is Kenya's first click and config platform to offer the Mpesa API integration. Its users do not need to know how to program or the logic behind the Mpesa API. In addition to providing Mpesa integrations, HelloDuty integrates with many more Apis such as Pezesha, Kopokopo, Slack, WhatsApp etc. and provides self-serve tools to cater to mobile devices across Africa.

Code solutions

These solution providers require programming to deliver the MPESA checkout experience to your application.


  • Customisable to your preference.
  • You own the underlying source code and can do what you wish.


  • It might take 1 - 3 months to implement, depending on the provider and other factors.
  • While you get to own the underlying source code, you still need the help of the provider/integrator to modify the code.
  • There is the likelihood that the underlying code is not unique but copied.
  • As developer time is required, this might become very expensive in the long run.
  • There is no guarantee of future updates. A change in the Mpesa API will require a new engagement.
  1. Ziprof: Ziprof offers a wide range of services that aim to create easy and effective ways of conducting business in Kenya. One way they do that is by providing Mpesa integration services.
  2. ‍SoftwaresKE‍: SoftwaresKE are Web design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service providers in Kenya, but in addition, they provide Mpesa Integration services for businesses locally.
  3. ‍Shara Solutions: Shara Solutions develops in-house software such as order management software and online and offline invoicing systems.
  4. ‍Pamatech: Pamatech offers a wide range of services, such as Mpesa API integration, web design and development and digital marketing. 
  5. Inceptor‍: Inceptor makes it easy for your business to accept payments through PayPal or MPESA online STK Push.
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June 12, 2024
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