Sending bulk SMS online in Kenya

Bulk SMS has been a hot topic in Kenya, with its remarkable ability to serve Kenyans with excellent communication tools.

About bulk SMS in Kenya

Sending SMS in bulk has been a hot topic in Kenya, with its remarkable ability to serve Kenyan businesses with excellent communication tools. The use of SMS has been normalized, with most users being familiar with the application due to its unique features and capabilities of sending out large amounts of text on time. 

Businesses in Kenya have adopted text messages as a communication channel between them and their customers. With the availability of different mobile SMSs operators such as Safaricom, and Telkom, almost everyone knows how to text and send messages to people on the receiving end and vice versa.

SMS messaging is now and future; you should consider integrating it with your business if you want to experience greatness. With different providers popping up, the cost and difficulty of setting up is easing.

Recommended bulk SMS providers in Kenya.

Here are some of the bulk SMS providers in Kenya that we recommend.

1. HelloDuty: It is the best-rated and cheap SMS service provider that mainly focuses on allowing businesses to message their customers in Kenya and other parts of Africa. 

2. Africa'sTalking: Provides a developer SMS API.

3. TextMagic: It offers businesses a free trial period with an expiry date, which you must pay later once the offer expires. These bulk SMS providers give companies in Kenya the easy-to-use text message marketing software they need. 

4. SpinSMS: Provides businesses in Kenya with different levels of bulk SMS packages they can choose from starters, professionals, to enterprises, each of which charges differently every month. It allows their users to send messages in bulk using their mobile network provider.

5. Celcom Africa: It is one of the cheap bulk SMS providers in Kenya that offers SMS software services for different professional sectors such as schools, NGOs, corporate, etc.

6. AirTouch connections: It is one of Kenya's best and most effective bulk SMS providers. It has partnered with other networks, such as Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom, to enable the sending of bulk SMS services to customers. The company offers affordable and unlimited SMS services that businesses can use for messaging purposes.

Affordable bulk SMS providers in Kenya.

Look no further if you are searching for the most affordable and cheap offering service provider in Kenya. HelloDuty is one of the best and most affordable bulk SMS service providers you can get in Kenya. 

What we offer from our SMS services is nothing short of amazing! 

Let us help you message your customers all over Kenya and among other African countries you may have customers in. Get our bulk SMS services at a price rate of Kshs 0.60 per SMS you want to send. 

We cover all areas you can think of on the Kenyan map, and our services will meet your business needs. To access our SMS services, contact us by signing up on our contact us page for a start. 

How does bulk SMS work in Kenya?

You must be wondering what the difference is between bulk SMS in Kenya and other countries and how it works. The truth is that bulk SMS is all the same regardless of the countries they serve and works the same way with no differences.

Bulk SMS has the power to enable businesses to send a large number of messages to as many customers as they can all over. It's is a game changer if you are looking for a cost-saving way to text customers while in Kenya. 

The process involves users operating from their chosen Kenyan mobile services providers, such as Safaricom, Airtel, or even Telkom, to send messages to recipients on the receiving end. All this is possible with the help of an SMS gateway that allows businesses to upload their customers' contacts whom they would be messaging. 

The bulk SMS platform permits business users to compose messages. Once ready, the bulk SMS gateway immediately sends them to the targeted recipients in Kenya on the other end.

Even more unique about the SMS is that it allows businesses to automate their campaigns, such as offers and promotions, using the SMS gateway and sending them to customers.

How to choose a bulk SMS provider in Kenya.

As an entrepreneur searching for the best bulk SMS provider for your business, choosing a provider known for its expertise will be wise. But how can you get that one provider who will give you better service in Kenya? What factors should you consider while at it? Let's find out right below for options;

1. Research

Regarding bulk SMS providers you hear your friends talk about, it would be ideal for you to take your path differently by researching each of them. The best thing about exploring options is that you will have many to choose from and get to know in-depth details about their services. 

If you are in Kenya, consider using Google to search for bulk SMS providers in your area and see which options are emerging on the top list. If you need a mobile phone SMS provider, you can opt for Safaricom as your number one option.

2. Compare the price

Not all bulk SMS service providers go by the same standardized price, as each has its charges due to the expertise and features they offer. Ensure you choose an SMS provider that will satisfy your needs and simultaneously have a reasonable price to provide for services.

3. Check coverage

Know your provider and the areas they are based. Finding a provider who covers Kenya should be on your bucket list if your business is in Kenya. A good advantage of finding a nearby provider is that you can easily reach out to them and find quick solutions in case of any problem.

4. Quality of their services

Ensure when you choose a bulk SMS provider in Kenya that their services are out of this world. No one wants poorly done work, and if their services have poor ratings, they won't be reliable enough to deliver a job well done for you.

Benefits of Bulk SMS for a small businesses.

SMS services have a lot more to offer businesses than you can ever imagine. Its benefits include companies being on their A game since they can reach customers and send them messages on time. 

With a high open rate of about 98%, SMS gives businesses the confidence to text their customers, assuring them that they will open their bulk SMS marketing texts. With us are some of the benefits businesses get as follows;

1. Tracking

A businesses can track and analyze the effectiveness of the messages sent to their customers worldwide. This gives them the power to make changes, improve on areas they need to, and make rational decisions.

2. Instant communications

Messages sent to customers by businesses can be received instantly. This is because the opening rate of SMS is quick and very effective. They can use these services to send reminders and alerts, notifying their customers of trends and changes made.

3. Cost-effective

SMS services are cheaper compared to other communication forms that require much money to operate on them. This is because the SMS can be sent to thousands of customers at the exact rate of charges, which benefits businesses.

4. Automation

Sending messages to a lot of customers in a busy business setup can be such a daunting task for teams. But with bulk SMS integrated into their system, they can automate and schedule them to be sent out at a given time. 

Effective ways to send bulk SMS in Kenya

In Kenya, SMS has been the primary form of communication as people send messages to one another, and the interaction level has been quick. Businesses have found themselves one of the most effective communication channels for their messages to reach customers worldwide. 

Let's find out these effective bulk SMS sending tips and how you can use them to message your customers while in Kenya;

1. Sign up for bulk SMS services.

The first thing to consider is getting a sign-up for the services. You must sign up to access the platforms that provide these services and send your messages.

2. Create a contact list for messaging

After you have developed an agreement and purchase plans with your bulk SMS provider, you should establish a list of contacts you'll want to send messages. This will allow you to SMS your customers to promote your business.

3. Schedule delivery time

Consider integrating your business with CRM software to help you automate and schedule your workflow. This will allow you to send messages at the right time without confusion.

4. Monitor progress

Monitor the results of your bulk SMS campaigns to see how they are performing. Are the messages going? How many have been opened, and how many have been clicked on? Analyze results at each stage to know which content gets more clicks and has a high bounce rate.​​

How can bulk SMS help your business grow in Kenya?

With the availability of bulk SMS in Kenya, businesses have managed to get their products and services to customers and reach out to them to promote their brands. But what have been the results so far? The growth experienced is nothing short of amazing! As a powerful marketing tool for businesses in Kenya, bulk SMS services have positively changed companies. Let's see some of how bulk SMS can help your Kenyan business grow:

1. Lead generation

Through bulk SMS, your business can send messages to prospective customers, letting them know what you have for your business and marketing purposes. This will prompt and encourage them to take action if they like what you have, leading you to have more customers.

2. Customer engagement

Businesses can send customers promotions and sales through bulk SMS on their products and services. This would be a better way for them to engage customers with timely updates, offering them a chance to place orders.

3. Brand awareness

Due to its cheapness, businesses can create awareness of their brands through bulk SMS services that help boost their visibility. A company can promote what they sell through bulk SMS, increasing revenue.

4. Improved customer service

Businesses looking to better their customer's services can do that through bulk text messaging. This is because companies would quickly respond and solve their customers' problems and questions on time, leading to their satisfaction

Bulk SMS use cases in Kenya.

Due to its effective open and click rates, bulk SMS software in Kenya has become a new business norm. 

It is an effective tool of messaging that companies can use to generate leads and, at the same time, market their businesses. Here are some of the bulk text use case scenarios you need to know about;

1. Marketing campaigns

Bulk SMS works towards helping businesses promote their products and services to their customers through marketing campaigns. Marketers will send SMS to customers in different areas, and they will receive a notification of what a business is promoting. This is the most effective communication channel since it's easy to reach customers through text messages, and there's a high guarantee the message will be read.

2. Mobile banking transactions

Banks in Kenya use bulk SMS to message their customer's transactional alert messages once they have withdrawn or want to know their balances. The SMS messaging services have simplified banks' work with the availability of automation features that can be used to send messages to their customers. 

3. Appointments/Reminders

Sending reminders or appointment messages can be challenging when you have more people to attend to. For example, in a hospital setup, doctors may have many patients to take care of to the point they have to book when to be seen. Through the bulk SMS services, all these tasks of messaging patients could be easily put into sections and scheduled with relevant appointments for doctors' checks.

4. Password verifications 

Most companies have included security measures in their procedures, which has brought trust between customers and businesses. Most of the time, you must authenticate yourself before logging in to a company's application. You will receive an SMS asking you to verify your identity before accessing their platform.

5. Wishes

Businesses primarily interact with their customers during public holidays in Kenya. This is when most of them want to send SMS to their customers, wishing them happy holiday messages, and through bulk SMS services, all these are made possible. Some of the public holidays in Kenya that they might want to text their customers include Madaraka Day, and Jamhuri Day, among many others that come around.

How to send free bulk SMS in Kenya.

Your search should end if you are looking for ways to get free bulk SMS in Kenya. Bulk SMS providers in Kenya have introduced different ways businesses can try out their services and determine whether they would like to upgrade from a free to a subscription option. An excellent example of a platform that offers a free 30-day bulk SMS trial is TextMagic.

1. Sign up: First, you must create an account with an SMS service provider. You can freely choose different SMS providers from Safaricom, and HelloDuty, among others. Some providers may offer you free SMS services initially, which would be an excellent start for you.

2. List contacts: You must develop a list of contacts you will send your SMS to.

3. Create SMS and the contacts you need to send them to select "send" for the texts to reach the targeted audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you send bulk sms in Kenya?

If you are looking for ways to send bulk SMS in Kenya, you are in the right place. Whether for promotional purposes or special offer messages, you want to inform your customers, SMS services in Kenya will be the proper application for you. 

The best solution that will help you get your message out there is through a bulk SMS provider such as HelloDuty. Start by checking the features you wish to have, i.e., group messaging functions, automation, and more, and then create an account with the necessary details to send your messages.

How much does it cost?

The cost of per SMS varies depending on the providers and the number of SMSs you must send. To get started with the HelloDuty bulk SMS, you will be charged at a lower cost rate of Kshs 0.60.


Bulk SMS services in Kenya are what most businesses have resorted to solve all their problems regarding messaging customers from all over. If your business does not have these types of SMS, you are truly missing out. 

Choosing a provider is a simple job as long as you have the right list of platforms that offer these kinds of services, you will be good to go. Mobile-providing operators such as Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom have procedures you must follow before getting their SMS services.

 Through bulk SMS software, most companies have managed to get their products and service far from their usual easy-to-reach places with customers. Sign up for our SMS services and experience the best you can get with HelloDuty!

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February 28, 2024
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