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How to Use IVR to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Interactive voice response is a technology-automated telephone system that allows communication between customers and businesses.

Nowadays, it is common to notice that many companies have integrated their businesses with an IVR system, making it easier for their customers to communicate whenever needed. How customer services have been simplified to this extent is nothing short of amazing.

In this article, we dig deeper to understand what IVR is and how it can increase customer satisfaction. Let's get right into it.

What is IVR?

Interactive voice response is a technology-automated telephone system that allows communication between customers and businesses. The IVR calling system uses voice recognition software, making interactions with customers on the other end easy.

The IVR system allows customers to enter their information into their system in order for them to be connected to the appropriate department they need help with easily. It comes in handy when customers want to inquire about a product or sometimes book an appointment, among other support they might require.

How data collected through the IVR system can be used to improve customer experience

The data collected by an IVR system can be used in several different ways by the company that users are interacting with. With us are some of the few ways they can be used as follow;

  1. The collected data can be used to improve a business's customer service, which will give customers nothing but the best quality they are looking for.
  2. Data collected can be used to provide customers with personalized content that best suits their needs. 
  3. They can also be used to create targeted customer service campaigns to improve their customer experience.
  4.  The IVR system helps businesses design and run their work seamlessly since it can streamline processes leading to better customer service experiences.

 IVR best practices

For companies to use the IVR system and integrate it into their businesses, they need to understand how well it works and know what it needs in order for it to function correctly. Below is a description of how it can work as follows;

  1. Provide clear instructions

IVR system requires the information provided to be as clear and precise as possible for it to give customers a better experience while interacting with it. This will also help users know each step they are directed to take without a problem.

  1. Keep it simple

Through the IVR system, customers will be required to go through different steps, and each has to be at least not so many for the customers to have an easy experience while navigating towards completing each step.

  1. Personalize experience

Using stored data from a customer's previous interaction will give them their details on the caller ID for customization purposes. This will give them a personalized experience since you will be referring to them by name instead of generalizing them. Customers will always want to interact with you more and more without necessarily having to introduce themselves repeatedly.

  1. Enable it to access a human

You can set your IVR system to enable users to have the option to speak to a customer service representative. This will come through for them mostly when they need help solving their problems.

  1. Test

Always ensure you have tested before launching to see if you have the right system to simplify your IVR workflow process. This will also give customers a better experience and remove any confusion that would lead them to churn.

Importance of IVR to businesses

Businesses that have integrated IVR systems into their workflow can attest to the great work it has done for them so far. Do you want to know why it is important? Here are the reasons as stated below;

  1. Saves costs

Through the IVR system, customer service/satisfaction costs have been reduced. This is because most of the tasks have been automated, such as routing calls and orders, among many other processes.

  1. Improve efficiency

The IVR system has the power to handle multiple tasks at the same time, and this has led to less waiting time. Through this ability, customer satisfaction has been achieved at its best.

  1. Accuracy

Using the IVR system reduces most errors that could have occurred during a manual data entry to zero. This is because it's easier to key in the right information for the customers and use them to the fullest.

  1. Accessibility

Think about how you can fully access a business call center since they have incorporated IVR into their systems. You no longer have to wait for a whole night to be over in order to get the help you need.

  1. Scalability

The IVR system is flexible enough to adjust to changes in a business to meet its customers' demands. This makes it easier for companies to fit into the different market industries and quickly change to meet their customers' needs.

  1. Increased self-service

The IVR system allows customers access to the information they need without having to wait for a customer care person to help them. This has led to lots of customer satisfaction.

How to use IVR to increase customer satisfaction

Increasing your customers' satisfaction is one of the most important things to do if you are in business. But what are the tactics you can use to experience these increases? Let's see them as stated below;

  1. Use IVR to provide personalized customer service

By offering your customers a personalized experience, they will definitely have the best experience interacting with your system, and this will give them a satisfactory feeling.

  1. Automate customer service tasks

By automating tasks, you will be able to reduce the time it takes to execute processes and better your customer's experience while dealing with them.

  1. Utilize IVR to provide convenient payment options

The IVR payment system gives customers an easy time paying for their orders and services received from a business. This will simplify their process since the options provided for them are easy to input and select from.

  1. Give customers access to product information and help materials

By using the IVR system, give your customers options they can choose from and how the list of items you have. This will give them room access to different options they can select from. 

How to improve customer satisfaction using IVR

Every business is looking forward to giving a customer a top-notch experience to satisfy their needs for retention purposes. Let's see how it can help you improve your customer satisfaction using the IVR system;

  1. Offer Interactive Menus

Ensure that your IVR system can give customers an option to Make sure that to navigate through your IVR menus easily. This will provide them with access and option that they can select from easily without delay and inconvenience. 

  1. Provide multiple languages support

Offer your customers many language options they can select to interact with your system on. This is because if you limit them to one or two languages, they won't be able to understand the instructions set and respond to them correctly.

  1. Offer 24/7 availability

Give your customers 24/7 service experiences they can operate and rely on. This is because some may need your services due to changes in regions or in case of emergency purposes, among many other reasons.

  1. Offer rewards and discounts

You can monitor the customers using your IVR system and give them rewards or discounts. This is meant to encourage them to interact more with your system and to appreciate them. 

  1. Automate Routine Tasks

Automating tasks such as appointments, payments, and bookings, among other processes, will give you seamless and smooth business operations.

  1. Monitor and Measure

Monitor and measure customer interactions with your system to know their satisfaction level or what can be done to improve their situation. 


IVR is a customer service technology that uses pre-recorded voice menus to route customer calls to the appropriate individual or department. The system is programmed to incoming calls and directs them to the most appropriate customer service representative. If you are looking for a better option to integrate your business with the IVR system, HelloDuty provides the best IVR services for your customers or a 24/7 operation.

Note: Here's our video illustrating how you can build your own automated IVR system in 5 minutes! Don't be left out. Get started with us today.

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March 4, 2024
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