10 Popular API's used in Kenya

Application Programming Interface (API) is a code that enables two or more applications to interact with each other using a set of definitions and protocols.

Kenyan businesses are constantly looking ways to stay ahead of the game and dominate the marketplace and Application programming Interfaces provide the best opportunity to help them achieve their goals .

What is an API?

API is the acronym for an application Programming Interface. It is a way for two applications to interact with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. For example anytime you are using an application such as Facebook and send an instant message you are using an API.

Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interface

How Apis work

To best describe API architecture , one must become acquainted with a client and server relationship. A client is the application that sends a request , while the server is the application responding to the request. In a example such as Facebook ,the Facebook database is the server while the mobile app is the client.

Types of business APIs

  1. Internal API's- these types of API'S focus on the internal operations of an organization.
  2. Public API's -They are openly available to the public.
  3. Partner APIs - They support a variety of integrations with select customers and partners.

However in order to be fully open to the idea of integrating APIs into their Kenyan business they may need to know of the Apis that already in use in Kenya.

10 Popular APIs used in Kenya

Kenya Open Data API

Online government portal that simplifies gives access to Kenyan data

Mpesa API

Enables one to integrate mobile payments into their application

Google Maps API

Allows developers to get access Google Maps data and functionality to use in their own projects.

Google Play Developers API

Allows users to perform self publishing and app- management tasks.

SendGrid API

Allows users to retrieve data about their accounts.

Twilio Lookup API

Enables a user to retrieve any additional data about a specific phone number.

Twilio SMS API

Enables users to add robust messaging capacities to applications

Africa is talking APIS

Has a unified set of API'S for software developers in Africa building SMS, USSD, Voice, Payments and Airtime applications.

Health Tools API

Used to access health information

Maramoja API

Enables drivers to access their funds much faster, get affordable credit facilities and discounted products and services

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March 8, 2023
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