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Smile Identity

When it comes to identity verification or KYC, Smile Identity is one of, if not the leading service provider in Africa. 

KYC or Know Your Customer refers to the process undertaken by businesses in proving a customer’s identity before engaging them in business. This is especially crucial  in today’s digital-first world. 

One major application is in the banking industry or financial institutions in their fight against financial crime. Organizations also adopt KYC to ensure they have valid customer data before engaging or onboarding their clients.

With Smile Identity’s recent launch of their enhanced document verification, businesses all around the world can now accept and verify 142 identification documents types across 100 countries in Africa, Europe and North America for KYC and user onboarding.

Smile identity’s portal and app allows organizations to be able to verify customer details. However, using the Smile identity API, it is possible for businesses to leverage the functionalities of Smile Identity on their systems, applications, websites or CRMs such as HelloDuty.

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Why you should implement a KYC process.

  1. KYC helps to reduce the risk of fraud: By verifying the identity of customers, businesses can minimize the risk of fraud and other illegal activities. This can help protect the business from financial losses and damage to its reputation. Implementing KYC measures can help businesses protect themselves and their customers from financial crimes and identity theft. This can help maintain the security and integrity of the business's financial systems and operations.
  2. Compliance with regulations: Many countries have laws and regulations that require businesses to implement KYC measures to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. By complying with these regulations, businesses can avoid costly fines and legal action.

Perform Smile Identity integration using HelloDuty.

Not a developer? No problem. HelloDuty helps you integrate to Smile Identity in minutes, so you can access and automate KYC within your customer journey without writing any code.

Benefits of the Smile Identity integration

  • Verify the identity information provided by your customers against ID authority information with Smile Identity Basic KYC. The Smile Identity API will return a value of no match, partial match or exact match along with the detailed data of the matching outcome.
  • Retrieve personal information of your customer from their ID number using Smile Identity Enhanced KYC in order to verify their personal details.
  • You can use HelloDuty flows to design your entire customer registration process on USSD and incorporate Smile Identity KYC process. This will enable your field agents to collect and verify your customer data in real-time, even in remote areas and have the data stored back to HelloDuty or on your third party system.

Updated on Feb 03, 2023

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