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Who is Ecobank?

Ecobank Transnational is a pan-African commercial bank that first opened in October 1985  in Togo , where is located its current headquarters. The bank grew and currently serves 36 African countries with over 600 branches and provides a wide range of financial services to wholesale and retail customers.

Being a full service bank, they provide wholesale, retail, investment and transactional banking services to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), local corporates, multinationals, governments and financial institutions.

In 2008 Ecobank Transnational acquired 75% of EABS bank in Kenya and renamed it to Ecobank Kenya Limited. Currently, Ecobank Transnational owns 100% of Ecobank Kenya Limited. As of 2020, Ecobank Kenya Limited had an asset base of Kes 94.4 billion with 16 branches.

With a keen eye in technological advancements, Ecobank is among the first financial groups to adopt and champion digital banking in order to deliver financial services in a more efficient and easily accessible manner.

This has been seen through their Internet banking platform and mobile app that supports access to online financial services such as:

  • Checking balance
  • Making money transfers
  • Requesting services
  • Updating personal information
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How can businesses get the most out of Ecobank?

Businesses today carry out their operations by interacting with various platforms and systems. This causes taking up a new system become challenging as data ends up silos requiring more manpower to reconcile operations across the various systems.

It is with this in mind that Ecobank developed their Ecobank Unified API.

Ecobank Unified API

Ecobank helps businesses  leverage and integrate their financial services into their business processes through the Ecobank Unified API.

Ecobank Unified API provides a single point of integration so businesses can have a smarter and seamless way to integrate the Ecobank financial services to their platforms so that they can perform payments, collections and liquidity management on multiple channels.

They offer a wide range of payment channels such as:

  • Digital wallet payments
  • Qr code payments (Ecobank pay)
  • Card payments
  • Account transactions

Quick and easy integration with the Ecobank Unified API

HelloDuty enables you to integrate with the Ecobank Unified API in minutes without writing any code. This means you can access your bank account services directly on HelloDuty CRM or on your third party system. Benefits of integrating with the Ecobank API include:

  • Perform payments and money transfers from your Ecobank business account to various beneficiaries' accounts within Ecobank or with another bank in the sme country. This caters for all your Instant payments, RTGS, SICA, SYGMA and TFT transactions.
  • Collect or accept payments from your customers to your Ecobank account through your preferred means for example on your website, portal or mobile app.
  • Receive your Ecobank account services from the HelloDuty CRM or from your third party systems. This includes:
    - Request and receive your account balance.
    - Perform bank enquiries.
    - Generate your account statements and store them on HelloDuty or on your third party system.
  • Easily open the mobile based Ecobank Express account without providing any form of documentation and still access the same services as regular account holders.
  • Offer third party banking services to your customers using Ecobank as your financial custodian. This way your customers can open an account with you and receive financial services such as depositing, withdrawal, checking balance and generating statements for their account with you.
  • You can use HelloDuty flows to build your USSD platform to include your Ecobank account services such as express account opening, depositing, checking balance, making payments or performing transactions including card payments and Momo (Mobile money) payments. All transactions performed on USSD will be saved on Brrng to give you visibility into your account activities.
  • You can automate payments on the HelloDuty flows based on certain events for example, once an invoice from a supplier has been received and reviewed a payment to the supplier's account will automatically be initiated based on the invoice details.

Updated on Feb 03, 2023

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