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Social media audit

A social media audit is an action performed to monitor and track businesses' social media accounts performance.

On a scale of 1-10, rate your business performance, are you impressed with it, or how is it doing so far? Social media auditing will determine the efforts you are pulling through across all your working platforms. A digital and social media marketing audit report will help a company focus on its targets and achieve its goals while at it.

 This article discusses what social media auditing is and the basics you need to know. For a better understanding, let's get right into it as follows;

  • What is a social media audit?
  • Why are social media audits important?
  • When should a social media audit be conducted?
  • How to conduct a social media audit
  • Best social media audit tools in 2023
  • Conclusion

What is a social media audit?

A social media audit is an action performed to monitor and track businesses' social media accounts performance. The auditing is done to improve areas that need improvement and see which ones perform well. Through a social media audit report, businesses can remain focused on their goals and achieve new ones too. 

The purpose of social media audit is to give a company a well-entailed report of their social media accounts used to see how effective it is and provide a future action look based on the findings. The main aim is to ensure that a business uses the right social platforms for their businesses with the set strategies for a successful outcome.

Why are social media audits important?

Social media auditing is vital for companies looking to achieve their goals and become among the best-performing companies. Coming up with social media audit questions will help you get answers to your queries efficiently.

 With us are some of the reasons why you should consider social media auditing important;

  1. Trends identification

Through a social media audit, you will be able to know and identify trends in your industry and come up with knowledge and ideas on how they can impact your business. Through these identifications, you will manage to remain on top of your game.

  1. Evaluate performance

Performance evaluation is critical to businesses since it will give them a clear understanding of their performance and what areas need to be upgraded. Through the assessment, a company can devise solutions to beat what's failing them for better improvement. Whether by coming up with new strategies or adjusting from the usual as long as they get results.

  1. Understand your audience

By conducting a social media audit, you will be able to have a better understanding of your audience based on what they like. This way, you will give them content that resonates well with them.

  1. Build your brand's credibility

A social media audit will help you build your brand's credibility since all of your business accounts should be consistent regarding images and branding, among other factors. This will allow users to identify with you since they are familiar with each social platform on which your products and services are placed. 

  1. Increased audience reach

By auditing your social platforms, you will be able to optimize your websites for more interactions. This will make all of your media pages visible to a vast audience from different regions.

When should a social media audit be conducted?

Not every company has the same time designed to conduct their social media audit, as each has a different one. Some say they conduct it yearly, while others do it quarterly. A company can hire external people that offer social media auditing services to give them an overview of its performance.

 Some companies would conduct an audit after engaging themselves in big projects and changes to see how they are doing, just in case there would be a need to change plans on what's not working.

How to conduct a social media audit 

Before conducting your social media marketing audit, there are various factors you need to have in mind, and we are about to discuss them down below. When conducting a social media audit, the first step is as follows;

  1. List all social media platforms

You can start by creating a list of all social media platforms connected to your business for an audit. Collecting and analyzing all social platforms allows you to determine which media need to be shut down, which needs improvement, and which needs consistency when posting.

  1. Engagement metrics

Check your company's social media posts on your social platforms to review its performance. Know what the engagement is like, how often you plan to upload them, and the impressions, clicks, and likes to mention but a few, they are receiving.

  1. Audience demographics

Creating social media content for the right target audience will help you get genuine connections. Using social media auditing tools will assist you in knowing if you have many ghost followers on your social accounts. After finding this out, you can get an actual number of your real followers and manage them based on their genders and sex based on what content they like for increased engagement.

  1. Identify areas of improvement

After conducting your audit, develop a comprehensive guide on your social media platforms on areas that need improvements for a better outcome. If there are places you need to tweak to achieve that, you can try and find ways to do that.

  1. Set goals

After auditing your social platforms, you can set targeted goals to lean toward your business's growth. Such goals can include looking for more followers, engagement, and reach, among many other goals for improving your business.

  1. Analyze your content

Get your social media report template filled with each content you post on each specific platform for analysis. This will help you better understand what part of your content people can relate to or create engagements with.

Best social media audit tools in 2023

Each company wants the best for their businesses, and with us are among the best social media auditing tools that will help you get your results and business growth as follows;

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that works towards supporting businesses' social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in managing their social media campaigns. The Hootsuite platform has features that can support businesses in monitoring and planning their campaigns, and it also provides businesses with inbuilt analytical tools to track their social platforms. 

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management platform that provides businesses with unique transformation in all areas of their operations, such as monitoring and tracking their reports, among other capabilities that companies might need. Through their efforts, businesses, through social media platforms, can understand their audience better and give them the satisfaction they seek.

  1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management software that helps businesses manage their social media accounts by providing them with social media management tools for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting. It also supports a unified social inbox for managing messages, review among other social media-related chats.

  1. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social media management platform that helps businesses monitor, analyze, and track all their social media platforms. It assists marketers in getting better results from their set strategies and helps them focus on them, hence improving their ROI.


The quickest way to know whether your social media marketing strategy is working or not is through a social media audit process. With proper social media audit software, you can get insights into your platforms' performance and what areas need improvement.

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June 12, 2024
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