Get started with Call Centers in Kenya

Customers call a call center to seek help, gather information on a product or service, or complain.

What are Call Centers?

A call center should be at the central nerve of the organization. Customers call a call center to seek help, gather information on a product or service, or complain.

In today's world, call centers are point zero. They will help the organization capture leads or understand market perception.

How to get started, manage and run a call center in Kenya is largely unknown. This article will help you instantly understand and create call centers in Kenya in minutes and not days.

The challenges.

Most businesses in Kenya do not know or have the capabilities to start or run their Call Centers which in the grand scheme of things will hurt them. Businesses will probably hire an expensive local consultant to build and manage their Call Center.

  • Your local consultant might have suggested that you purchase a PABX. You have no idea what a PABX is.
  • You have to host an E1 line to your PABX. If you do not understand what a PABX is, I doubt you want to get an understanding of what an E1 is.
  • To host an E1 from Safaricom (Assuming you will use a Safaricom phone number), you need a VPN. More terminologies you do not care about.
  • You will then need to provision SIP lines and buy desktop phones.
  • Purchase a PABX software like Asterisks to route your calls.
  • Once you have set up and your agents are happy to start, you will discover that your PABX service does not connect with your CRM or service. It takes longer to serve one impatient Kenyan.

The 5 min blissful solution.

You can cut the noise and get started in 5 mins. You will need the following.

  • Create a HelloDuty account. This takes 1 min, and not only is it free but easy to get started.
  • Request for a phone number. This phone number will be the single outbound and inbound phone number for your Call Center in Kenya.
  • Invite your agents and get started. Your agents can be located anywhere. Their location can be in Kenya or abroad, at the office or remote.

In 5 mins, you will have all your agents making calls from their computers. No extra hardware is needed.

Top 5 benefits of a virtual call center.

Virtual Call Centers are becoming more popular as the world moves to the cloud. Call Centers in Kenya should prefer virtual call centers as power is not constant. Call Center platforms like HelloDuty will provide the following benefits.

  1. Instant set up. No need to learn how to set up a call center, just click and config.
  2. Call routing logic. Send the right call to the right agent. A Call Center like Hello Duty comes with call routing trees.
  3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to route your calls. Automatically answer your customers' calls and start providing a solution before they get to your most important resource. An example of an IVR can be heard when you dial 100 on your Safaricom line in Kenya. "Press 1 for"
  4. Call Queuing and De-Queuing system. A virtual call center system will help you put your customers into queues. You can then define the agent assignment logic.
  5. Customer Management Relationship (CRM) platform. Your data should always be accessible to your agents. This will help them resolve customer issues faster.
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January 19, 2023
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