Benefits of using No-code platforms for businesses

Businesses and organizations of all sectors can gain a competitive advantage using no-code platforms.

What are No-code platforms?

No-code development has shifted how organisations have been able to build systems, applications, workflows and many more without a developer or writing code. No-code platforms can be customised according to an organisation's needs and objectives. Most platforms provide drag and drop components that can quickly assemble and design applications. 

No-code platforms automating business operations 

With No-code platforms, different businesses or organisations can tap into technologies easily and automate some of their business processes thus saving time, money and increasing productivity. It becomes easy for everyone to have the ability to create software even without the technical know-how that usually seems very complicated and daunting. Some of these automations usually heavily rely on IT organisations for simple tasks or changes but with a No-code tools or platform the reliance reduces and businesses can work independently. 

5 benefits to using No-code platforms for your business 

Here are top six benefits of using no-code platforms for your business.

  1. Saves Time

Developing a system from scratch would take years until production. We live in a fast paced economy whereby consumers expect quick delivery of seamless products in this case, software solutions. 

No-code platforms are perfect for businesses or organizations looking to launch or automate their business processes without wasting valuable time. 

  1. Saves Money

The costs of purchasing a no-code tool or platform and training to use it compared to maintaining a developer is significantly cheaper. With no-code development there is little to no maintenance costs required. This allows more time and resources to go into expansion and more innovation strategies than maintenance.

  1. User-friendly to build and use

Software development work is very technical and contains a lot of jargon. No-code platforms provide a platform for everyone in the team to be able to participate in building a software system regardless of experience and technical background by using drag and drop components and user friendly language.

  1. Good for Team Collaboration 

For the longest time during development of a software, businesses and developers or the IT department often clash due to dissatisfaction of the product outcome. No-code platforms promote transparency and cross-team collaboration. 

  1. Good for digital transformation and automation of business processes

Automating business processes ensures faster productivity at work and completion of complex and repetitive tasks. If you are looking to automate some of your business processes and don't know where to start check out our blog on how to get started with automation

  1. Easy configuration of APIs

No-code platforms make it easy to configure APIs for use as plug-in components to be integrated into the systems. This improves the system with third party integrations that will be displayed on the Frontend. 

No-code integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a great aid for businesses and organisations across the years. However, such technology is often very expensive especially for small businesses that may not have the resources to deploy AI and machine learning (ML). 

No-code AI platforms have come to the rescue to assist in AI adoption in business by enhancing the development and performance of no-code platforms. Businesses and organizations can use no-code AI platforms to optimize operations and customize solutions. 

No-code AI use cases

In Marketing and Sales

No-code AI tools such as  HelloDuty CRM assist businesses with a CRM that stores their customer data efficiently, produce sales reports, customization of input fields, collection of data and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature. 


No-code platforms such as the HelloDuty USSD Workflows allows financial institutions to build a USSD Application in a few minutes without writing any line of code. These flows can also be easily changed if at all there is need for amendment in the menu options.


No-code messaging platforms assist in effective customer communication  either with tools such as Bulk SMS, WhatsApp business integration or Email integrations.

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April 18, 2023
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