How to use social media to generate leads and orders

Social media lead generation is a tactical procedure used by marketers to convince interested prospects to buy products and services on their platforms.

What's a business without a social media account? Exactly! Many have turned to social media for lead conversion to turn leads into loyal customers and simultaneously make sales. Most struggle with generating leads since it's not easy, but with a strategic guide, the whole process is easy to execute.

Let's dig in deeper for a better understanding as follows;

  • How to generate leads on social media
  • How to use social media to generate leads and orders
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Social media lead generation is a tactical procedure used by marketers to convince interested prospects to buy products and services on their platforms. 

By generating leads through social media platforms, companies can make sales through customers' orders made on their online sites. This will benefit a company in gaining back more revenue compared to when they put less effort into attracting customers.

How to generate leads and orders on social media 

Social media is a home of all possibilities, if you want to reach out to customers from all over, then being on social media should be your number one go to plan. Looking to attract more leads for massive orders? This is the ways you can go about it as follows;

  1. Make use of your social media sites

Showcase your prowess through the social media platform. Most of your leads are online searching, and by you introducing them to what you can offer, they will be interested and want to order. Create high quality and make good use of the online platform.  

You can be creative and use strategies to help you reach your potential customers, such as inputting a Call to Action (CTAs) for them to take an action. This will help your searchers get through their purchase journey without any inconveniences.

  1. Use referrals

Through your day in and out customers' purchases, you can let them spread the word about what your products are doing for them to their friends and other interested parties. This will lead them to your social media pages with the aim of wanting to make an order in the process. It will be upon you to turn them into loyal customers through your services.

  1. Engage with your customers

Let your customers be aware that you care about them. You can achieve that by doing a follow-up review to know how they feel about you as a brand and the products and services you are offering them. 

With these follow-ups in place, they will at least know that you have good customer care services, and given a chance, they would still want to associate with you as a brand.

  1. Networking

Nothing beats the power of social media networking ability. Through social media, you will be able to acquire more potential customers, and through your marketing effort, you will lead them into buying your products and services. 

There are many social media sites you can try networking on, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, only to mention but a few. If you do not know how to network on a marketing level, follow up on this blog that will give you tips on how to use networking in your marketing strategies.

  1. Be creative

To attract and capture leads, you should constantly strategize your marketing plan for them on social media. Find ways in which you will attract potential customers and convert them into loyal customers through your social media site. 

How to use social media to generate leads and orders

There are many ways marketers can use to generate leads on social media. Social media is the center attention of every business and company. It has managed to attract many potential customers to the right brands, leading them to sell and increasing their revenue income. The following is how one can use social media platforms to generate leads and orders for their products and services;

  1. Use lead magnets

Let your customers and potential clients subscribe to your products and services by offering them free trial versions to try out what you have. Potential customers can exchange their details for these free samples through trials. Lead magnets can offer free consultations, subscriptions, e-newsletters, and many other forms marketers make for lead and sales gains. 

  1. Use lead generation ADs for more leads

Using lead generation ADs will make you attract back a large number of leads to your social media sites through their clicks on your website. Through the ads, potential customers' information can be collected, saving them time since they don't have to go through a time-consuming process to fill in their details. Each social media site has its own lead generation forms, and it would be a good idea to try them all out for a better conversion rate.

  1. Use targeted ADs 

Being specific with your advertisements for it to reach out targeted potential customer is wise. Make good use of sponsored ads that will reach a large number of people interested in your service offers. You can also include special offers in the ads for prospects to make orders.

  1. Use social proofs 

Having your customers give out testimonials on your page that are visible to everyone will help improve how potential customers view you as a business brand. They will clearly consider making orders with your business since they have read and seen other customers' reviews on your social media pages hence the trust.

  1. Use social media influencers

Influencers are one of the quickest ways you can generate leads as a company. Create partnerships with social media influencers whose target market aligns with yours and let them promote you. With well known influencers who have lots of followers on social media, you will be able to pull a large number of leads in no time. It will be a plus since your business will manage to acquire potential customers faster and your brand known all over.

  1.  Host live events

As a business owner, you can decide to go live on social platforms, where you will interact with your customers and other potential leads interested in your services. Through going live, you can get to answer nagging questions your customers have and also verify information that needs to be proved right.


Many companies have converted leads into loyal customers through social media lead generation and orders. Businesses have grown through leads they meet on social media, leading to increased production and brand awareness.

If your business is not on social media, don't wait any longer, as online platforms are where you will get your potential customers. Some of the social platforms you can try out include YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Reddit, among many others, where you can get your leads.

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April 18, 2023
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