Interactive Voice Response Systems-its' benefits for Kenyan Businesses

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a computer program that provides access to voice commands and functions through telephone lines.

When you call a phone number in Kenya, you are likely to hear a recorded message that is responding to your command. Most likely, the voice will be female and speaking the local dialect. Voice interactive systems have been used in Africa since the 1980s. These systems help improve access to services by providing easier options to obtain information or transact business via phone lines.

The best way that your Kenyan business can begin using an IVR Is to find an IVR service provider such as HelloDuty that will make your business telecommunication a worthwhile investment.

In this blog, we’re going to explore some what an IVRs is and its benefits for Kenyan businesses:

What is an Interactive Voice Response System

An Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is a computer-controlled dispatching system that provides touchtone or voice response to incoming telephone calls. It enables computer telephony integration that lets agents manage calls for their clients and automate routine interactions. These systems are useful in the telecommunications, e-commerce, government, retail and banking sectors.

IVRs illustration
Illustration of an IVRs

Benefits of an Interactive Voice Response System

There are many benefits to using interactive voice response technology in Kenya's communication market.

1. IVR services help reduce the cost of marketing, by making interactive messages cost effective and create higher customer satisfaction. A survey conducted in Kenya showed that nearly 50 percent of the people questioned admitted to being satisfied with IVR systems, because they can obtain information easily and quickly.

2. IVR technology has made it easy for people to conduct their business through the phone without having to make unnecessary calls.

3. Reduced operating costs   - IVR systems use the same low-cost hardware and Internet broadband connection that you already have in place. No need for additional servers, gateways or switchboards.

4. Reduces personnel costs - The automatic delivery of messages makes it possible for one person to do the job of two people at a reduced cost per hour.

5. More accurate contact data - Using the IVR has the added benefit of allowing you to collect more information about your customers.

6. More useful data to better serve your customers and create more interest in receiving further contact.

7. Better response times - A call-taker with a different language than the callers in Kenya will never turn down a Kenyan customer, allowing you to call on most of your potential customers around the world at little cost or effort.

8. Quicker changeover between agents - The IVR gives clients access to your agents via email or on their website without having them interrupt their business activities.

9. Increased revenue and productivity due to much improved customer satisfaction, thanks to your customers.

10. IVR technology is beneficial for call centers where many clients call for information.

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April 19, 2023
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