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How To Reach The Masses With Bulk SMS On Madaraka Day

Madaraka Day is vital for Kenyans worldwide as it is a celebration held to mark the day Kenya attained self-rule.

Madaraka Day is vital for Kenyans worldwide as it is a celebration held to mark the day Kenya attained self-rule. As people plan to celebrate this day, businesses and companies search for the most efficient way to get their messages to reach customers. The most cost-effective and quick way a business can get to its clients is by using bulk SMS services to text as many customers as possible. 

In this blog post, we dig deeper into our understanding of bulk SMS as a tool of communication that ensures businesses' Madaraka Day messages are seen and heard and more. Let's get right into it;

Why is bulk SMS an ideal tool for celebrating Madaraka Day?

Madaraka Day is a special day in Kenya; celebrating it is an ideal practice that every Kenyan citizen engages in. Businesses with thousands of customers looking to show patriotism and pride for their country can message them using bulk SMS. With cheap SMS services, most people prefer text messaging as a form of communication for their day-to-day lives. 

Most companies want to send their customers messages that will be used to encourage them to participate in patriotic activities, among other texts that concern the celebration. Bulk SMS allows businesses to personalize messages sent to their customers, making them more meaningful and memorable.

Businesses that rely entirely on bulk SMS to message their customers experience the most affordable and quickest form of communication compared to traditional messaging services. This is because bulk SMS allows them to message a large group of people without being charged extra and they can easily schedule their messages to be sent on Madaraka Day.

Benefits of using bulk SMS for your Madaraka Day communications

Bulks SMS services have brought in many beneficial achievements for businesses. If you are looking for the most convenient service for communication purposes, then integrating bulk SMS with your business system should be the answer for you. Let's look at some of the benefits you will get through bulk SMS on Madaraka Day:

1. Cost-effective

If you are searching for the most affordable source of communication to send messages to as many customers as possible, then bulk SMS would be ideal for you. Given that it is cheap and requires little investment by businesses, it is great for sending out large numbers of messages on Madaraka Day to reach many people.

2. Fast

You can count on bulk SMS to send messages to your customers and ensure they will be delivered instantly to the intended recipients. Its ability to deliver messages quickly makes it reliable for sending Madaraka holiday messages.

3. Tailored messages

Messages sent during the Madaraka Day celebration can be tailored to the right audience with a specific messages crafted in them. Through the tailored messege, your customers will receive their holiday message directed specifically to them.

4. Trackable

The good thing about bulk SMS services is that you can track your Maradaka Day messages sent to your customers. The bulk API allows you to view the number of people who have opened your messages or clicked on your website's link and more. This will enable you to make changes where necessary and track the success of your communication.

How to measure the impact of your Madaraka Day bulk SMS campaign

The most important thing you can do for your business, no matter how small or big it is, is to measure and know the impact of the efforts you are putting in it. But for thatto happen, you need to be aware of what is supposed to be done. Here are some tips you can use to measure the impacts of your Madaraka Day campaigns;

1. Track open rates

Keep your businesses ahead of the game by tracking the success of the SMS messages you are sending your customers. Know the number of successfully opened messages and those yet to be opened. This will help you understand how effective your bulk SMS campaign was in terms of reach and engagements.

2. Track response rates

The more you track the number of messages that have been opened, the more important it is to monitor the number of people responding to them. You will be able to know the number of customers interested in what you offer them and have an idea of the number of engagements you are getting in your SMS campaigns.

3. Track conversion rates

Do a follow-up on the SMSs you are sending your customers to know how many of them took an action on the messages sent to them. This will give you an idea of your conversions' effectiveness through the results.

4. Monitor social media

Monitor your social media campaigns to see their effectiveness and the number of people engaging with them. This will help you know whether the content you are sharing through social media can get to the number of people you want to reach out to and their engagement level.

Tips for crafting effective bulk SMS messages for Madaraka Day 

Reaching the masses requires creativity and uniqueness. But what beats the two combinations better than knowing what needs to be done? Let's see some of the tips you can use to craft a compelling SMS message for the Madaraka Day celebration;

1. Keep messages short and precise

Avoid writing long paragraphs of sentences while texting your customers. Ensure you give your followers a short and straight-to-the-point type of messages that will allow them to read once and get your point. Focus on the specific message you want to convey so they won't miss the main point you want them to know about.

2. Use relevant keywords

Use relevant keywords that will make your content more relatable. Since it's Madaraka Day, consider using keywords that focus on the day's celebration to get your content to reach out to many people.

3. Personalize your message

Give your audience a more personalized experience through the SMS messages you are sending them. Personalization would make it easier for them to be curious enough to open and read your messages since it concerns them. Consider including their details, such as their names and other relevant information they would relate to.

4. Include a call to action (CTAs)

Encourage your customers to take actions on your messages by clicking to make a purchase, among other actions included in your texts. The CTA will remind them to take immediate action, which will improve the interaction between them and your business on Madaraka Day.

5. Proofread your message

Take time to proofread your messages before sending them out. Ensure you have rectified mistakes and that your messages are professional and easy to understand.

How to reach the Masses with bulk SMS on Madaraka Day 

Creating SMSs is one thing, but knowing how to get them to reach people is another thing. Here are some tips you can use to get your messages to reach the masses on Madaraka Day;

1. Create compelling messages

Always create compelling messages that will keep many interested in opening and reading them. Ensure you've included relevant keywords supporting Madaraka Day and confirmed and checked that they resonate with the celebration.

2. Use segmentation

Segment your audiences to give them content they relate with by sending them the right messages. This will allow you to give them more targeted messages for each group according to their likes and interests.

3. Schedule messages

Ensure you have scheduled your Madaraka Day messages that you wish to send your customers so they will be delivered on the same day. Through timing them, you will be able to get customers to engage with your message at an appropriate time, be it for promotional purposes or discounts.

4. Monitor performance

Once your SMS have been sent, ensure that you monitor each one of them to know which ones have been delivered and which have been clicked on. This will help you know the problem areas that are affecting your messages and understand what needs to be done to improve.


Make Madaraka Day Count With Bulk SMS as your number communication tool. Don't be left out. Your business needs customers, and you can get them through affordable bulk SMS services. Communication is Key!

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June 12, 2024
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