Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses: 2023 Growth Strategy

Entrepreneurs with all kinds of businesses can leverage Facebook to their advantage and plan an effective Facebook marketing strategy to experience growth. ‍

Small Business owners unite! Have you thought about your marketing strategy for 2023? What is your business social media page looking like? Are you gathering leads from your social media accounts? Are you converting your leads to orders? Are you hitting your target market?

These are important questions every Entrepreneur should be asking themselves while creating a marketing strategy for their business. In 2023, social media marketing for businesses has been detected to rise as most people are now on the digital wave. 

One of the best places one can market their business is on social media. In this article, we will look at Facebook Marketing and how to optimise your posts to reach your target audience, gather leads and customers. 

How to build an effective Facebook Business Page for Small Businesses 

The first step to getting started with Facebook Marketing for business is having a Facebook Business Page. A business page will allow you to add in details about your business and also run ads on Facebook and other platforms such as Instagram and Messenger. If you are Interested in learning how to run ads on Facebook check out our blog on how to build a Facebook ad campaign. 

Without further ado let's get into building and optimizing an effective business page for your business using these easy steps:

  1. Register a new Facebook Business page

Setting up a business page from scratch requires you to log in with a personal account on . As you can see below there are two options: Business or Brand and Community or Public. You will Select the Business or Brand one. 

After selecting, proceed to fill in basic information including your page name. Filling in your page name is a very important section that you must carefully think about. It is often different from the username. This is because there is no feature for editing it. Another section to fill in is the profile and cover photos. Below is a guide to the dimensions you should consider when setting up your cover photo and profile photo.

Facebook profile image size: 170 x 170 pixels

Facebook cover photo image size: 820 x 462 pixels

Other sections to fill out while getting started are:

  • Username
  • Description- A full, short and straight to the point description of what your business offers with keywords such as high-quality, affordable, readily available. 
  • Up to three categories
  • Contact Information - a phone number, WhatsApp number or email address
  • Location

After setting all that up you are ready to go!

  1. Identifying your main post types

Facebook allows different types of media to be posted. Posts with graphics have been identified to perform much better and have high engagement than plain-text posts. However it is good to perform a test of different forms of  posts to identify which one is bringing your page more traffic. 

Other types of posts you should consider incorporating are Facebook Stories. According to Facebook, 62% of people became “more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories” .

  1. Craft relevant content for your posts

One job is in getting customers or leads for your products or services, the other big and important job is maintaining and managing them. Your Social media posts should continue to engage your audience even those who have already purchased your products or services. A big chunk of leads also come in through referrals and most customers don’t refer depending on how good your product is but how exceptional your service was either in person or in this case, online.

One way you can engage your customers and potential customers is through your visual content, messaging or brand storytelling. For more information on which tools you can use to create content check out our blog on 5 content creation tools for businesses to use .

Here is a list of some pointers you can use while crafting content for your posts. We can split this into two; visual content and messaging content.

Visual Content

  • Stick with your brand colours- You can pick out 2-3 matching brand colours. One main colour for backgrounds, one for logo graphics and one for fonts or you can merge one colour for fonts and graphics. Once you identify the right colour palette make sure to take note of the colour codes so as to always get the right shade of colour when designing content. If you are still figuring out your brand colours, check out this article on everything you need to know about choosing brand colours to get started!

  • Consider using content creation tools- Free tools such as Canva are easy to use and contain various templates to get you started. You can use these tools for making videos, infographic posts, sales posts, stories and many more all while maintaining brand colours.

Messaging Content

Avoid being too salesy. Consider mixing your content with engaging posts such as: 

  • Stories about your industry
  • Founder stories about you as an entrepreneur such as the famous “ a day in the life” content
  • Your brand policies and views (could include what you stand for as a brand)
  • Feedback or fun polls 

With such content it is easy to keep your page active and most importantly your followers or customers engaged. Such lively business pages, compared to those who only post about what they are offering, often receive a lot of growth in followers thus attracting more leads and customers. 

Another good practice when it comes to crafting your messaging content is language. It is very important to use the language of your target market. This will determine whether your content should be formal or informal. In the case that you are targeting a more official or mature audience consider using tools such as Grammarly to help with good grammar and carefully constructed sentences. 

  1. Consistent Posting 

Now that you probably have a ton of ideas about what to post on your page, ensure that you post consistently. If you plan to post stories everyday and other posts twice a week then video content once a week, make sure you do that every week. That is one example you can choose to follow. There is really no criteria written in stone however it is good to perform a number of tests to gauge when you are receiving more engagement from your audience.

  1. Lead Management Process

After all those steps you are sure to receive a lot of visits on your page and also leads or potential customers. How do you ensure that you are managing your leads properly and nurturing them to convert into paying customers? Have you heard about The Leads Management Process? Check out this blog on how to convert leads to paying customers

Organize your business records by using a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Many businesses often use manual systems in their records collection  processes or even spreadsheets which have proven to be less and less efficient especially in 2023. It is advisable to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. 

A CRM assists businesses of all sizes to track communications and better their relationships with their customers or leads. A good CRM such as HelloDuty connects all data from a business's sales leads and customers in one place. This data may include client forms, documents, quotes, sale purchases, calls, emails, text messages, meetings, tasks and many more. Businesses which use CRMs often report an increase in sales, improved customer relations, satisfaction and loyalty.

To learn more about how you can get started with a CRM check our blog on benefits of a CRM to your business

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April 18, 2023
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