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Ways How Smile Identity is Modernizing Digital Security

If you are looking for the most efficient way to keep your data safe and secure, Smile Identity could be your solution!

If you are looking for the most efficient way to keep your data safe and secure, Smile Identity could be your solution! By businesses leveraging their facial recognition, biometrics, and data protection technology, your company will be in a much better place with better services provided to your customers.

Smile Identity is the leading identity verification platform in Africa that assists businesses in verifying their customers remotely with the help of a smartphone or a computer. Through their platform, African businesses can digitally onboard their customers and verify their Identity, which brings about trust.

Smile Identity has been changing the lives of businesses across Africa, from small to large companies, through the fantastic services that have been brought about by helping businesses safeguard their information and get to know their customers (KYC) better digitally.

In this article, we take you through how Smile Identity modernizes digital security, how to get started with it and more. Let's read on:

Ways how Smile Identity verification works.

Smile Identity is a platform that helps businesses securely verify the identity of a customer or employees. The Smile Identity technology has different ways in which it allows companies to authenticate and confirm the Identity of various people they deal with. Let's explore how it works to help businesses through the authentication process below:

1. Facial recognition

Through the Smile Identity facial recognition algorithm, businesses can easily verify their users by matching their live face image with the one existing in their identity document. 

2. Liveness detection

The Smile Identity offers a unique liveness detection that can help identify whether the person in front of the camera is a real human being or not. This identification can be determined by using 3D facial recognition and augmented reality techniques.

3. Document Identification

Smile Identity allows businesses and their users to easily store data digitally and securely in their database, which assists in reducing the time that can be taken to check them manually. It also helps ensure the user's stored documents are valid and legit during onboarding.

4. Biometric

With biometrics provided on a business platform in the form of fingerprints, irises, or voices, businesses can easily verify their users and the rightful owner of the document provided.

5. Privacy and security

Through the Smile Identity platform, businesses can secure data and store sensitive information without the worry of them being exposed to fraudulent activities

Importance of identity verification in online platforms

If you run your business online, you must be aware that identity verification is an indispensable part of utilizing online platforms. This is because it gives users a trusted and secure means they can rely on for identification. Here's how identity verification in online platforms is essential:

1. To prevent fraud

Online platforms have become one of people's most reliable communication sources and information platforms. Whether through banking or making payments, among many other activities being carried out. Online platforms are among the most preferred by the majority and to avoid being an accessory to fraudulent activities, users can now protect their businesses with identity verification that will provide them access to their work.

2. Compliance

We have observed at least many online platforms developing rules and regulations regarding their operations that users must adhere to. These rules and laws have been followed religiously through identity verification and have worked well for individuals using online platforms.

3. Increased security

Through identity verification, there has been an increase in the amount of security on online platforms. These security measures put in place have brought about trust and saved users from malicious hackers accessing their platforms.

4. Customer satisfaction

Identity verification ensures that businesses can satisfy customers fully, giving them a higher-quality service. The satisfaction comes about by customers knowing that their data are securely stored in your system without worrying about them being leaked, and this would lead them into trusting your business.

5. Credibility

By having a well-functioning and comprehensive identity verification system, companies' platforms will be seen as trustworthy and reliable sources for customers to associate themselves with.

How to Get Started With Smile Identity to Streamline and Protect Your Business 

Having the Smile Identity application while in business is the right action to take. This is because Smile Identity is an innovative security platform that will help you verify and authenticate your customers, improving their experiences. Here is how you can get started with the platform to streamline and protect your business:

1. Sign up

The first thing you need to do once you have decided you want to integrate Smile Identity into your system is to sign up on their platform. Upon signing up, you will be guided on what you need to do to set up your account.

2. Integrate Smile Identity into your system.

After signing up and setting up an account, you must integrate Smile Identity into your business system. Through the integration, you will be able to receive the services offered by Smile Identity, which will give your customers an easy time to quickly and securely authenticate themselves when need be.

3. Provide a secure login experience.

Give your customers secure login access to authenticate themselves with the help of Smile Identity. Once integrated into your system, whether through your website or application and services, it will be easier for them to access and have a secure login experience.

4. Monitor

Through Smile Identity, you can monitor and see your user's real-time activities and identity verification processes. Through monitoring, businesses can easily monitor and detect suspicious activities and protect themselves against fraud.

5. Implement additional security measures.

Besides using the Smile Identity platform for verification, you should also consider implementing additional security measures. These measures can be two-factor authentication and strong passwords that will help protect them. 

Ways How Smile Identity is Modernizing Digital Security

Smile Identity is one of the most advanced digital security solutions your business needs to streamline authentications without increasing the risk of having your data breached. Are you curious to know how it's modernizing digital security? Let's find out below.

1. AI-based monitoring

By Smile Identity implementing the AI feature, businesses can easily monitor transactions and prevent unauthorized access to their systems. The AI technology can detect suspicious activity in real-time and notify users immediately.

2. Automated authentication

Smile Identity comes with authentication techniques such as facial recognition and voice recognition that will quickly and securely give users access to their accounts. It also automates passwordless authentication to streamline user experiences and blocks access to unauthorized user-accessing accounts.

3. Multifactor authentication

Do you want to experience something much different and unique through Smile Identity? Well, try the multifactor authentication function that Smile Identity has to offer. Under multifactor authentication, you will have a Google authenticator that helps users verify their Identity to access their accounts. 

4. Robust data security

By integrating Smile Identity into your business system, you can securely store your data using a powerful encryption technology that helps you keep your data in a secure cloud. 

The alternative Smile Identity competitors

As the world keeps revolving and facial technology continues advancing, consumers have become more invested in this technology for the changes brought by them. Many companies have developed platforms that offer these same services that are unique in their own way to businesses and organizations. Let's explore these alternative facial recognition software solutions to learn more about them: 

1. Microsoft Passport

Microsoft Passport is an identity-offering service and authentic platform that securely lets businesses authenticate users with their Identity hosted on Microsoft Cloud. It gives users access to sign into applications without necessarily having to input their passwords.

2. Google Identity

This identity authentication platform offered by Google provides backend services to securely sign in users using their Google account and manage activities within the organization's environment.

3. VeriSign Identity

It's an identity verification platform that gives users strong two-factor authentication for logging into their accounts. This helps users securely sign in and manage what they need to take care of in an organization's ecosystem.


As a business looking forward to protecting and securing its system, the Smile Identity application would be more of an intelligent platform to go for. Through this powerful facial recognition technology, you can secure your data and give businesses the change they need.

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June 12, 2024
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