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Content Creation Tools for Kenyan Businesses

Your content will determine the rate at which window-shopping clients turn into paying customers.

There are so many tools and resources that Kenyan businesses today can use to make the content creation process easier to manage and more fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, this article will help you tool!

Your content should be attractive to the eyes of your target audience, well-structured, and thoughtful. In this article, we will highlight five tools, namely:

  • Canva
  • Google Trends
  • Buffer
  • Grammarly
  • Typeform

These tools are easy and mainly free to use. As a business owner in Kenya, you will be one step ahead when integrating these tools into your content creation process. They will save you time, increase your engagement, and, above all, they are fun to use!

Let’s get on to it!

  1. Canva

According to Shopify’s blog on free content marketing creation tools , Canva is so easy to use that finished products often look like they came from a professional designer. They are mostly free templates of any kind that will make your content creation process easier and shorter.

You can use the search feature to type what you want, and you will have a variety of templates to choose from. For example, an accessories business, Tees&Sugar, based in Nairobi, Kenya, uses Canva to create Instagram posts. One of the posts they make is a new collection post to alert their customers and give sneak pics for them to anticipate the unveiling.

When one searches for a particular content they want to create on Canva, they will be met with thousands of templates, as shown below.

The templates can be edited easily according to liking, with custom pictures, fonts, and colors.

After that, they can be downloaded in various file formats.

One can primarily benefit from the Canva's free version because most templates are free. There is also an option for Canva pro, which has more advanced features like uploading custom fonts and removing backgrounds in pictures. 

Below are some Kenyan brands that are creating inspirational contents :

  • Hello a software company based in Nairobi, uses Canva in its content creation process. The content design looks appealing because of the consistent color code in the theme and graphics. 
  • Cchora Studio, a marketing and design company based in Nairobi, uses awesome graphics and colors in its content creation process. Some of these graphics may look complex because they are custom designed, but you can get inspiration from them when searching for templates to use on Canva.
  1. Google Trends

There is a way one can read the mind of their customers and lead them straight towards their products through targeted content creation by using a potent tool called Google Trends.

Google trends is likened to Twitter’s Trending section, and it gathers information about what people in a certain location are Googling and when. Google Trends is a perfect alibi for identifying the right keywords and hashtags to aid in content creation and get businesses closer to their customers online. 

A business can have beautiful and sufficient content for its pages but gain little to no traffic. This could be because of a need for using the right keywords customers use, when searching.

When opening Google Trends, it automatically detects the region of the user. One can begin by typing in a topic related to the business and results will be shown. 

According to the user’s search, Google Trends will first list down the locations that are primarily interested in the topic searched and the demographics. Afterward, Google trends will list related topics people may be searching for. For example, in the below search, the business user can incorporate the keyword Gift in their content creation process.

Before searching for a topic, one can also begin by scrolling down the main page, where there is the Recently Trending section according to the user’s region. In this section, Google Trends lists a couple of topics that are buzzing around that area, and these topics can be an excellent guide when looking for content. For example, in the below search, Kenya was heading towards Mashujaa Day, a public holiday. A business owner looking to advertise their products or services can incorporate the keyword Mashujaa day to trend along with it!

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a popular tool that allows social media scheduling and automatic publishing for people who don’t fancy spontaneous posting. 

This tool is flexible enough to pick different days and times for scheduling or queuing up content at the calendar feature. Buffer makes the content creation process more manageable by reducing the hustle of missing or forgetting to post content at the right time when a business’s targeted audience is online.  

With the free plan, one can connect up to 3 social media channels and schedule up to 10 posts per channel simultaneously. 

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular tool for creating well-structured professional content. If a business is targeting a more experienced customer base, they have no room for small grammatical mistakes. 

Grammarly Checks out the grammar, spelling, tone, and flow of your content and gives credible suggestions with the help of Artificial Intelligence. All these features are available when using the free plan.


  1. Typeform

Creating Feedback content is a crucial way to engage with customers and hear their experience in using a business’s products or services. Gathering feedback is also a great way to get new ideas for a business. 

Typeform is a tool that creates interactive features like quizzes, surveys, and forms to engage with customers and collect feedback. It can be tough to collect good feedback, especially when using Google forms. Luckily, Typeform is a more fun alternative. 

Typeform allows a user to create feedback content with photos, videos, and color themes, making the display more attractive and the survey more like a conversation than an interrogation. Typeform also offers templates to start with, which makes the process easy when it comes to design. 

Prioritizing content creation and content management is vital. It has become effortless and even enjoyable when using these tools! 

Last updated
June 12, 2024
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