Closing sales techniques for businesses

The closing sale technique is a tactic that salespeople use to convince customers to buy their product and service.

It is every sales persons joy to close a sale and at the same time win over customers. Nothing beats this kind of joy, as most salespeople consider themselves lucky if they bring in a change, even if it's small, since that change is what a company will benefit from.

Our article focuses on closing sales and how you can make that happen for you as a salesperson. Let's get right into our article as follows down below;

What is a closing sale technique? 

The closing sale technique is a tactic that salespeople use to convince customers to buy their product and service. This may be achieved by giving offers and discounts to make a complete sale on products. Through a sales technique, the sales team will be able to come up with ideas that will make them put a close to deals that will bring them revenue and also lead them to increasing their conversion rates.

Types of closing sales techniques with examples

Knowing how to close a sale may sometimes not be easy for every salesperson, mostly if you are new to the business market. Consider integrating your business with suitable CRM software that will help simplify your job for lead generation, helping you know your customers better. With us are some of the different types of sales closing techniques you should know about, as stated down below;

  1. Summary close

The summary close sales technique describes the benefits you believe your product and services will offer prospective customers. This is to make them pay more attention to what you have so that they can make a purchase.

 I.e.," our smart watches are entirely waterproof and have a battery capacity that can last you for at least 3 days without the need to charge it back."

  1. Assumptive close

With the assumptive close technique, it's more of being confident and, at the same time, optimistic about what you are selling a customer. This is to assure them that the package you are going to offer them has everything they need and a matter of risking it all by asking them to make a purchase but in a polite manner. In other words, this can be referred to as a "sure bet."

 i.e., "how about we sign you up now for more of our offer?"

  1. Now or Never close

The now or never close focuses on interested customers whom you want to purchase what you offer them, but they are not sure. The deal is to give them a good pitch on what your products and services will do to convince them to purchase. You will give them a sense of urgency so they can make up their minds quickly and buy immediately before the offer expires. While at it, ensure you plan strategically to persuade them to buy. 

Examples include "We provide you with free home internet services for at least a month after that, you will start paying for its renewal, but the offer stands until the end of this month alone."

  1. Question close

The question close focuses on the salesperson asking questions to the prospective customers to make them buy what they have. You need to be strategic with this one since you want to convert your prospect into your sales funnel. Examples include; "are you now convinced that our product would meet your needs?"

  1. Scale close

The scale's close focuses on weighing how much a prospect is interested in what you are offering them. It's meant to assist you in knowing whether you would close a sale with your customers or not. I.e., "on a scale of 1-10, with one being disinterested and 10 highly interested, how much would you want to purchase our products? If interested, how much would you want to buy it for?

Best closing techniques for sales

In order to come up with the best closing sales techniques, you need to consider certain factors. We have created these factors that you can use for a better outcome as follows;

  1. Make assumptions

As a salesperson, you aim to make your customers buy your products and services. Coming up with optimistic assumptions to reach out to them would be a great idea. Ask them assumptive questions to see whether what you are offering them is worth solving their problems or if they need more from you.

  1. Ask them to purchase

You are selling and want customers to buy most of your products. But the only way to go around it for a better solution is for you to ask them to buy what you have. You need to understand the sales language better for a convincing tongue that will lead them to your sales pipeline.

  1. Create urgency

Creating urgency would prompt customers to buy your products and services immediately. While at it, it would be great if you offered them undeniable deals to kill for that may push them into getting what you are selling

  1. Leverage social proofs

By showing your customers proof of real people using your services, you will create a relationship with them built on trust. Sometimes what a customer wants to see is evidence of what other customers who have used your services have benefited, and this would be their point of decision making on whether they want to make a purchase or not.

  1. Ask sharp-angle questions

Sharp angle questions will help prospects understand your products and services. How you answer them should be in such a way that it does not upset a customer, pushing them away from you. It would be best if you were careful with these question-answers points.

  1. Use visual content

Most importantly, don't forget to use visuals; people find them easy to engage with since they can at least see what you are all about. You can create eye-catching posts and videos for illustration purposes, giving them a better understanding of your services.

Best closing sale tips for businesses

For a business to close sales, it should always know how to execute every plan put in place for a successful outcome. We have some tips you can use to close sales with as follows;

  1. Promote what you are selling

What other way can you get your products and service seen, if not by promoting your business? You can run several campaigns to promote your sale, such as using known influencers and sponsored ADs to push your content to reach a larger crowd.

  1. Analyze your results

Analyzing your report is essential to help give you a clear picture of your business's performance. You can use this tip to see what tactic works for your business and what areas you need to improve for better performance.

  1. Plan your budget

Planning your budget ahead will save you lots of confusion and trouble while working for what you want. Ensure you have budgeted enough money and bought the necessary items to help your business process run smoothly.

  1. Customer support

Offering good customer service support to your customers will have them choose you and your business as their number one go-to shop. Ensure that you have won their trust so that they can be more of returning customers more often.


As a salesperson, your main goal is to be able to close sales, and this is what you should make your plans and strategies based on them for better results. Mastering closing sales techniques should be familiar to you because this process is what will get your products sold. Not only are you going to earn money from this process but also, you will be building a well-blended relationship between your customers and you.

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April 18, 2023
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