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How to use WhatsApp for customer service

Using whatsapp for customer support has brought many businesses to experience great connections with their customers.

Word has it that most people, well, at least 2.24 billion people on a monthly basis, are WhatsApp users. This makes it a great communication platform tool for your business interactions with customers. With WhatsApp having the majority number of users on the app, what's there to stop you from integrating it with your business and interacting with your customers? 

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WhatsApp customer service has enabled businesses to build relationships with their customer through interactions. With the end-to-end secure chats the WhatsApp application provides, businesses can chat privately with their customers without fearing being hacked.

Our article focuses on ways you can use WhatsApp to better your customer service and give you the best knowledge you can get; let's get right into it as follows;

Benefits of WhatsApp for customer support

Using WhatsApp for customer support has brought many businesses to experience great connections with their customers. But first, what are these benefits for companies that use WhatsApp for customer service experience? Let's find out below;

  1. API availability

Using WhatsApp business API that is integrated with CRM software offering platforms like HelloDuty will help you get a better customer data management relationship. This will be observed through data collection and control of your customers' data, among many other amazing abilities the CRM can do for your business.

  1. Increased efficiency

There will be increased efficiency since the WhatsApp chatbot allows you to automate messages that are to be sent to your consumers. This will let you chat with multiple customers simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed by the many people you have to get back to.

  1. Cost saving

Using WhatsApp for your business communications will help you save on costs accompanied by traditional phone support. You will use fewer data to communicate with consumers from anywhere without being charged extra for their calls and chats.

  1. Easy to use

Think about how it's easy to navigate through WhatsApp because all the functional features you need are in one place to give your consumers better. The same applies to customers since they have mastered how the application works.

  1. Improved customer satisfaction

Through WhatsApp automation processes, messaging deliveries have been made instant, and response time on an instant note, reducing customer waiting time. This has led to an advanced customer satisfaction level for consumers on the receiving end looking to be attended to by the customer service team.

How to use WhatsApp for customer support

Installing a WhatsApp for your business projects is good, but knowing how to use the app daily is wise. For you to use WhatsApp for business, ensure that you have installed the app and created a professional profile that would represent your business. Here are ways to use WhatsApp for customer service support;

  1. Provide live support

In order to support your consumers online, ensure that you have met their needs in real-time. Ensure that you have answered their endless question to provide them with satisfactory answers that will give them a better understanding of your brand. 

  1. Share information

Share information about your business with your WhatsApp contacts. This is to give them an idea of your prices and product lists by showcasing each one of them. You can start by introducing them on your WhatsApp statuses for views and engagements.

  1. Leverage automated responses

Preset your messages to automate responses. This is when it comes to answering 'consumers' questions at any time of the day or night. This will save you lots of time and help you manage the situation even if you cannot respond to them manually. Sometimes multiple customers may chat you simultaneously and to manage this situation, automation will keep them engaged and attended to properly.

  1. Collect customers' feedback

To know areas you need to improve, ensure you have gathered and collected customers' feedback about your service and products. You can use a WhatsApp chatbot to help you collect these pieces of information from your customers and use them.

  1. Use broadcast lists to get customers

Make use of broadcast lists to send your customers messages. Each time you have updated your services and products, going by these lists will help send a message to many people at once.

Ways to use WhatsApp for customer service

Companies using WhatsApp for customer service have different ways they do that in order to give service to their customers. Here are ways that they can do this to achieve their customer service support goal as follows;

  1. Set up customer service groups

Ensure you have collected and saved all of your customer's contacts for easy communication. By creating a WhatsApp business group that will keep them in touch all at once, you can easily give them a chance to contact you either on the group or privately.

  1. Automate customer services

Ensure that you have automated all continuous tasks to avoid mistakes such as errors that could cost you extra costs to rectify mistakes. Use WhatsApp chatbots to automate customer services tasks such as answering FAQs, among other queries.

  1. Send personalized messages

Give your customers unique personalized content that precisely matches their needs. You can do that by making use of dynamic content and automated messages for your customers.

  1. Monitor feedbacks 

Do a follow-up for each of your customers to know how they are finding your products and services. Engage them in conversations to monitor their feedback that will help you improve your customer service to them.

  1. Set response time

As much as you will be trying to win and understand customers' problems to solve them, use specific business working hours to respond to them. Not every customer will be aware of this not unless you set it so that they can know and understand their timing.

  1. Send customers proactive messages

Make an effort to set your WhatsApp for business will automatically pop up on customers once they open your WhatsApp for business. Such messages could be information about notifications, bookings, and appointments, among many other offers you might want to include.


WhatsApp for businesses has changed the lives of many entrepreneurs and their customer's reactions. Integrating CRM software and salesforce into your WhatsApp business API will create a better customer service experience for your customers, giving them satisfaction. Don't keep your customers waiting. Use WhatsApp for your business today for improved services!

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June 12, 2024
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