5 ways to get started with bulk SMS Gateway API in Kenya

As time passes, accessibility to mobile devices is becoming a norm in our society.

‍Communicating with your customers every day will make your business build a great relationship with them to drive more sales and engagement. Bulk SMS Gateway API is what you are looking for if you want to communicate more efficiently. 

Through the SMS Gateway API, you can send as many texts as you wish to many customers without worrying about the texts being expensive. 

Not to forget how the SMS gateway API allows businesses in Kenya to send messages to their customers using their mobile phones by delivering messages instantly.

Let's dig in deeper on the topic of the five ways to get started with bulk SMS Gateway API in Kenya and more for a better understanding below as follows;

As time passes, accessibility to mobile devices is becoming a norm in our society. Regardless of the mobile device one wishes to use, these devices can send and receive text messages in common. As more and more businesses become acquainted with this knowledge, bulk SMS as a tool for business is taking center stage.

How to send bulk SMS in Kenya

Sending bulk SMS in Kenya is easy. The whole process is easy peasy with the right content in mind. This is how you can achieve sending these messages to your customers in Kenya;

1. Sign up for bulk SMS API services.

The first thing to consider is getting a sign-up for the services. You need to sign up in order to access the platforms that provide these services and start sending your messages.

2. Create a contact list for messaging

After you have developed an agreement and purchase plans with your bulk SMS provider, you should establish a list of contacts you'll wish to send messages to. This will allow you to send messages to your customers promoting your Kenyanbusiness.

3. Schedule delivery time

Consider integrating your business with CRM software to help you automate and schedule your workflow. This will allow you to send messages at the right time without confusion.

4. Monitor progress

Monitor the results of your bulk SMS campaigns to see how they are performing. Are the messages going? How many have been opened, and how many have been clicked on? Analyze results at each stage to know which content gets more clicks and which has a high bounce rate.

How to start a bulk SMS business in Kenya

If you are looking for a mass message sender in Kenya, look no more than bulk SMS services. Your businesses will be sorted with these unique and easy-to-use messaging services that it needs. Here are some of the ways you can get started with them;

1. Research the market.

As with any other business requirement, researching the market is one of the most significant contributors to a company's growth. Take the initiative to know the market consumer base, regulations, and the trends they are going for. This will give you a clear starting point.

2. Get a bulk SMS provider

Research the bulk SMS API providers around and know what they have and can cover in their services. Know the bulk SMS rate to know the approximate amount of money you will be required to start. 

3. Create a business plan

Have a clear business plan to use and ensure it stands out from the rest. This will help you develop a strategy and budget to help you with your bulk SMS business.

4. Set up a website

Once your business plan is finalized, you must set up a website with the necessary information people might want to inquire about. Some of the information you should consider including are pricing charges, features, and customer support.

5. Promote your services

Use social media and other platforms where you can promote your services. This will help you get potential customers who might benefit from your services.

How to get started with bulk SMS Gateway API in Kenya

How can your Kenyan business use the bulk SMS gateway API to stay ahead of the game with the growing competition? Let's find out below;

1. Build a list

Building a list is a guaranteed way of growing an audience for your intended SMS. Similarly to emails, your business should start by getting consent from customers to send them messages. This will allow you to provide them with a means to opt-in to SMS through your website or text them with the option to "join." In addition, it is best practice to ensure you have the best contact interested in your messages by introducing a double opt-in option.

2. Find a suitable bulk SMS Gateway provider.

Finding a suitable and reliable SMS gateway provider is an essential part of the process. There are many service providers, i.e.HelloDuty, the best bulk SMS service provider that will allow you to create and send bulk SMS within its platform.

3. Purchase a Plan

Once you've found a suitable bulk SMS provider and set up your account, consider settling on a purchase plan that would be suitable for you. You can get different options offered by your SMS provider, either pay as you go or get a subscription-based plan.

4. Get a short code

A shortcode is a 5-6 digit code used for sending marketing, lead generation, and promotional messages on mobile. These shortcodes can be acquired from the SMS service provider chosen.

5. Create messages

After a business has a service provider set in place, the next thing is to look closely at the pre-built list and determine what messages they need to create for each individual according to the intended goal. Each message sent out should be meaningful and valuable to ensure the subscribers are hooked.

6. Send out Messages

The business will need to ensure that all the parameters are in check. This means ensuring that the shortcode is the sender, the subscriber is the recipient, and the content parameters are filled out with the intended message. After all this data is in check, the only thing left to do is to hit send and watch how your messages perform.

How to build bulk SMS Gateway

If you want to learn how to build your bulk SMS gateway, we have a solution for you. Grab valuable tips that you can put to use for your benefit. Here's how you can build your own SMS Gateway;

1. Obtain a GSM Modem

To build your bulk SMS Gateway, you must possess a GSM modem. The modem will allow you to send messages to other mobile networks to which you may wish to send SMSs. 

2. Connect the GSM Modem to a computer.

With the help of a computer, you will be required to connect your obtained GSM Modem to it through a USB cable. This is because you will need to allow the computer to access the internet over a cellular network, and connecting with a USB cable will make your work easy.

3. Install bulk SMS software.

You will then be required to install bulk SMS software that will easily allow you to send and receive messages from your GSM Modem. Through the installed software, you can easily send out marketing campaign messages and notifications and more you would wish to send to your customers.

4. Configure the bulk SMS software.

Set up the bulk SMS software to allow you to send messages to as many people as possible. You can set up databases to store messages, contacts, and even more as you would want to.

5. Set up a web interface.

Set up a web interface that will allow you to send and receive messages from your GSM Model. You can give users access to interact with your website, device, or application with a better user experience through the web interface.

6. Test and monitor the system

Once you have completed all the setups and checked everything is right, you will test your system and see whether it's functioning well or needs improvement in different areas. This will give you a smooth and complete operation while using the system.


Bulk SMS gateway API is the most affordable and easy way to market your business and drive more sales for Kenyan businesses of all sizes, big or small. With SMSs being cheap and their delivery instant, you can count on them for your messages to reach thousands of your customers. Giving a tryout to the bulk SMS Gateway API will give your business a chance to have a substantial edge in your communication strategies.

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May 22, 2023
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