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Uganda's Cellular Network USSD Codes

Here are the USSD codes for Cellular networks in Uganda; Africel, MTN, Airtel, Telecom, Smart Telecom and Vodafone.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data­-­USSD-­­­­ is a protocol used for communications via GSM cellular phones. USSD is also referred to as feature codes or quick codes and is used as a mode of communication with the mobile network operator’s devices.

How Do USSD Codes Work?

Through USSD codes, users can interact with different services directly from their mobile phones, just by making selection from different menus.

Currently, USSD codes are one of the most popular communications technologies in Uganda. USSD codes in Uganda are popular for multiple reasons, such as prepaid callback service, Wireless Application Protocol browsing, and mobile money services.

This video shows how you can quickly and easily create your own USSD;

What are the Cellular Network USSD codes in Uganda?

Here is a list of cellular networks in Uganda, and the USSD codes for different services.

Africell Uganda USSD Codes

  1. Airtime  balance inquiry: *131#
  2. Airtime  recharge: *130*voucher  no#
  3. Data  balance inquiry and recharge: *133#  then select “Check your data” or visit the Self Help Portal
  4. Africell Money USSD code:  *144#

MTN Uganda USSD Codes

  1. MTN  Prepaid Balance Check: *156#
  2. Mobile  Self-Help Menu: *160#
  3. MTN  CallerTunez Menu: *170#
  4. MTN  Play Content Menu: *180#
  5. Un-subscribe  to content: *175#
  6. 1-4-1  Loyalty: *141#
  7. Mobile  Data: *150#  Select option 1

Airtel Uganda USSD Codes

  1. USSD  menu for all products: *100#
  2. SMS  bundles:  *180#
  3. Data  bundles: *175#
  4. International  bundles: *146#
  5. Airtel  money: *185#
  6. CUG: *188#
  7. Balance  check Postpaid: *444#
  8. Balance  check Prepaid: *131#
  9. Bonus  & bundle check (voice, SMS, ILD): *170#
  10. Loading  airtime: *130*voucher  no#
  11. Who  called service: *111#
  12. Know  your mobile number: *120#
  13. Know  your KYC status: *197#

Uganda Telecom (Utl) USSD Codes

  1. Airtime  balance inquiry: #131#  and then press the “Call/Redial” button
  2. Airtime  recharge: *130*recharge  code# and then press the “Call/Redial” button.
  3. Data  balance inquiry and recharge: *160#
  4. M-Sente  USSD code: *185#

Smart Telecom Uganda USSD Codes

  1. Airtime  balance inquiry: *131#
  2. Airtime  recharge: *100#
  3. Data  balance inquiry and recharge: *100#

Vodafone Uganda USSD Codes

  1. Airtime  balance inquiry: *131#
  2. Airtime  recharge: *130*recharge  code#
  3. Data  balance inquiry and recharge: *132#

How to get a USSD code in Uganda

USSD codes can either be dedicated or shared.

To register the USSD code in Uganda, send an email to [email protected] and attach the following documents:

1. Certificate of incorporation or registration

2. Expected USSD use case.

3. Identity document of the contact person. E.g passport or a copy of ID.

4. Company Uganda Revenue Authority TIN if registered in Uganda.

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June 14, 2024
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