How to integrate whatsApp business API with salesforce

The salesforce,whatsApp integration have enabled businesses to build better customer relationships by delivering personalized messages and more to their customers.

WhatsApp has been among the most used platform for businesses looking to strengthen relationships with their customers. If you are in business by now, you might be familiar with the terms whatsApp and Salesforce. The two combos have changed the lives of many entrepreneurs into becoming nothing but the best application any businessperson could ask for. 

Our article focuses on the integration between Salesforce and WhatsApp and the many good impacts it has brought to businesses worldwide. Let's get into our 7 minutes read for a better understanding:

What is WhatsApp business API?

WhatsApp business API is a programmable application that allows businesses to manage their customers by supporting them through holding messaging and calls via WhatsApp.

The Salesforce integration with WhatsApp explained.

Salesforce is a company designed to make cloud-based software for businesses looking to have an incredible journey with their prospective customers and close more sales deals. Integrating it with your WhatsApp business for a customer-oriented relationship will lead you to experience more growth, revenue, and loyalty than you can ever imagine. 

The salesforce partnership with WhatsApp was made official in September 2022. It permitted businesses to use the platform to better their customer service by offering personalized messaging experiences and managing communications across the platform. 

Since the WhatsApp API integration with the salesforce marketing cloud, there has been a huge transformation between businesses and their customers as they can market what they have freely. 

Through the Salesforce, whatsApp API, businesses have been able to send images, records, and receipts, among many other files, to their customers with an end to end encryption.

How can you use WhatsApp business API in Salesforce?

You can use your WhatsApp in Salesforce to deliver different tasks in several ways, such as customer support, marketing campaigns, sales follow-ups, and more. With us are ways how you can use your whatsApp business account in Salesforce;

  1. Create custom automation rules

Using the Salesforce platform, you can use your whatsApp business to create customized automation for your customers. Ensure that you are following their criteria guidelines while doing that for a seamless operation.

  1. Create custom reports

Conduct analysis that will give you an idea of how often customers interact with your WhatsApp business API and the type of messages they interact with, among other stuff. This will help you when it comes to creating custom reports for them while using Salesforce.

  1. Create custom visualizations

From the data collected on your whatsApp business API, you can use Salesforce to customize your visualizations about your customers through their engagements with your business, interactions, and more.

  1. Build custom integrations

Use the connection between Salesforce and your whatsApp business API to customize integrations for your consumers accordingly. You can use that to create personalized messages for them by leveraging data from Salesforce.

  1. Automate internal processes

Another thing your business can benefit from Salesforce is the automation of processes. You can automate tasks such as order confirmations and updates on customers' bookings and tickets, among other services.

How to integrate whatsApp business API with Salesforce

To integrate your whatsApp business API into Salesforce, there are various steps you need to take for the business account to be verified and operate on the platform. Here are some of the ways you can do that as follows;

  1. Create a whatsApp business account

The first step you need to take is to create your WhatsApp business account downloaded from google play or apple store. This will allow you to integrate your account into Salesforce easily.

  1. Set up your whatsApp webhook

In order to integrate Salesforce into your WhatsApp business account, you need to set up a whatsApp webhook. Your WhatsApp will use the webhook URL to send messages and data to your salesforce instantly. You can also configure it to receive messages from your customers.

  1. Generate whatsApp chatbot

For integration purposes, you must create a WhatsApp chatbot for your WhatsApp business to Salesforce. You can check out platforms that offer these kinds of chatbots to pick one that supports the purpose you want them for, i.e., messaging replies from whatsApp.

  1. Connect your whatsApp business to Salesforce

Once you set up your whatsApp chatbot and see that it's functioning properly, connect your whatsApp business account to Salesforce. This can be done using the WhatsApp API that will allow you to receive messages from your Salesforce instantly.

  1. Create custom actions in Salesforce

You will need to create custom-made actions in your Salesforce that will allow you to respond to customer messages from whatsApp. Use Apex triggers to handle these messages and workflows to create actions on tasks such as sending emails, and records, among many other required actions.

How to automate your WhatsApp business account

Being among the top messaging application in the social media world, integrating whatsApp with your business can be a useful and powerful tool to market your business to customers. Here are ways you can automate your whatsApp business account for proper communication and smooth business management;

  1. Use chatbots

WhatsApp chatbots are great when it comes to automating tasks since, in itself, they are automated programs that can be used to reply to customers' inquiries and needs. Using chatbots, you can automate responses to be sent to customers, which can reduce their waiting time, resulting in better customer service experience.

  1. Use third-party API

Through the WhatsApp business API, businesses are able to customize actions for their customers for a suitable outcome. The API also acts as a great customer service automation tool that can send customers messages and more to sort their needs out.

  1. Leverage automation tools

In order to send your customers personalized messages and automate tasks that concern them, you can use automation tools for such purposes. This will help simplify your automation processes and tasks that are customer related.

  1. Schedule automated messages

If you are looking for the quickest way to send out promotional offers and discounts, among other tasks, for your business, you can begin by scheduling automated messages will be of great help. Use automation tools to schedule messages that will later be sent to many of your customers out there, depending on when you want them sent out.

How can salesforce integration with WhatsApp benefit businesses?

Salesforce integration with WhatsApp has benefited businesses in many ways and not only business but also has led to better customer relationships. Let's find out some of these benefits that have been observed ever since the integration, as stated below;

  1. Improved Customer Service

Through the integration between WhatsApp for business and Salesforce, there has been nothing but better customer services observed. Sending of messages and conversations has been made quick, and this has led to happy customer relationships leading to loyalty.

  1. Automated lead generation

The salesforce WhatsApp integration has led to the automatic generation of leads through conversations held between businesses and potential customers. By integrating Salesforce into their WhatsApp business account, businesses have been able to collect and send customers tailored messages based on their interests.

  1. Increase efficiency

Businesses have been able to work smarter by streamlining their business processes, such as customer service with salesforce and whatsApp integration. This has enabled businesses to save on the costs of operations of tasks.

  1. Enhanced teamwork

There has been a good collaboration observed through businesses's teams since they are working together to achieve a common goal. They have been able to share and exchange data across different departments in a company, i.e., between customer care and sales and so on.


The whatsApp and salesforce integration has enabled many businesses to meet their leads, which have become paying customers and more. Messages and calls have been simplified without any trouble, as each recipient receives every business conversation running well.  

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March 4, 2024
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