The 3 types of CRMS used in Kenya

Kenyan organizations are integrating CRM software's into their businesses on a day to day basis and reaping the benefits of using one

Kenyan organizations are integrating CRM software's into their businesses on a day to day basis and reaping the benefits of using one. According to normalys 91% of companies with over 11 employees use a CRM on a day to day basis. However in order for a Kenyan organization to know what CRM will serve them best they should know the various types of CRM software's in use today.

A CRM software is used to manage and analyze customer data so as to foster a long term relationship with them while catering to their needs and they can be subdivided into three types.

Types of CRM Software

types of crm software
types of crm software

Operational CRM

An operational crm system is by far one of the most common CRMs in use amongst Kenyans because it covers the broadest range of functionalities. It seeks to blend processes such as marketing ,sales and customer service into one. Its main goal is to try and centralize business operations into one platform.

Operational crms take customer data and provide them with the most relevant service based on where they are in their customers journey.

Marketing automation

An operational  crm aids in an organizations marketing efforts by incorporating proficient business strategies ,efficiency dynamic technologies to help the organization with lead acquisition, nurturing and assignment.

 Sales automation

Sales is one of the key aspects of an organization and they need a system that helps things run smoothly . An operational crm software helps your Sales force by boosting sales through contact management ,activity management, alerts and notifications, opportunity and tasks management .

 Pros and cons of an operational crm

One advantage of using an operational crm is that one can improve the overall efficiency of the organization. However the limitation is that it is data dependent ,which means it is subject to human error and is very time consuming.

 When to use an operational crm

It is best to use an operational CRM when a team is trying to understand their customers by making use of their data to nurture relationships.

 Analytic CRM

 Analytic CRMs are used to take customer data and leverage it to get valuable insights that the organization can use to improve the customer experience. This data includes forecasts, trends  and touchpoints.

Pros of an Analytic crm

 Analytic crms help organizations take large amounts of data and use them to to come up with new strategies on how to generate new leads ,retain customers better or even create efficiencies for sales and marketing.

 When to use an Analytic crm

Analytic crms work best with large organizations in Kenya that make use of large amounts of data on a day to day basis.

Collaborative CRM systems

As the name suggests these types of crms enable teams to collaborate and share data within the organization. With a similar knowledge of their client base they can make holistic decisions on how best to cater to their customers.

 Collaborative crms are divided into two distinct components

1. Interaction management -Keeps track of each customers interactions with the organization so as to avoid over-communicating.

 2. Channel management- Makes use of the information from interaction management so as to help the organization know what channel of communication they should use with each particular customer.

 Pros of an Collaborative crms

 Collaborative CRMs serve the primary goal of enabling each department such as sales and marketing to have similar information about a customer and in the long run helping them narrow down what the customer needs and how best to  cater to them

 When to use an Collaborative crm

Collaborative CRMs are popularly used when teams are collaborating from various locations in Kenya. For example if one branch is in Nairobi and the other in Eldoret ,so as to streamline their communication with customers and the data acquired.

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January 26, 2023
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