How to Use Bulk SMS for Customer Relationship Management

As a business person looking to market your products and service to your customers, SMS can only be your savior.

If you are looking for an effective and cheap communication tool to better your customer relationship, look no further than bulk SMS. With few integrations and processes done through bulk SMS, your customer relationship management (CRM) game will be a notch higher than ever.

We are living in an evolved world, and businesses have adapted to the changes brought with them. It has been such a great move for companies to turn to bulk SMS to send messages to their customers. Being the most commonly used communication channel compared to emails, bulk SMS has allowed businesses to reach their audiences and build customer relationships.

This article discusses the basics of bulk SMS and how to use it with CRM for improved customer relationships. Keep reading!

What is bulk SMS, and how does it work?

As a business person looking to market your products and service to your customers, SMS can only be your savior. Bulk SMS is the practice of sending large amounts of messages to people's phones. 

The SMS messages are sent via shortcodes, allowing the recipients on the receiving end to respond to a text from the sender. The good thing about these kinds of SMS is the fact that you can send them in different forms, such as texts, audio, or videos, depending on your preference, and you can also track them.

The messages are sent and received using an SMS gateway. It's connected to mobile phone networks such as Safaricom, which assists with sending messages. It's cost-effective, and its high open rate makes it even more reliable, as many people access their mobile phones for SMS purposes.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is a tactic businesses use to improve their relationships with customers through building relationships and streamlining processes for a seamless business running. The happier and more satisfied customers are, the higher the chances of retention.

Why you should incorporate bulk SMS with Customer Relationship Management

Customers are what makes a business, and to get their relationship and loyalty built, there are several steps you need to take. By integrating bulk SMS and CRM, your business can retain customers and, at the same time, get products sold. The two make a perfect combo to make your business seen and become relevant. Let's get a better understanding of why you need to incorporate bulk SMS with a customer relationship management system:

1. Improved customer experience

Through bulk SMS integration with the CRM system in your business, you will see a tremendous difference in the level at which your customer experiences have improved. This is through the power of personalization and sending your customers tailored content for a better experience. Your business will achieve a different level of customer loyalty and increased satisfaction.

2. Improved CRM

By combining CRM with bulk SMS, your business will be able to get insights from customers and use the same to fix on areas that need improvement. Through these improvements, you will manage to give customers better that will keep them close to you.

3. Increased engagements

Bulk SMS is a natural communication bridge between a business and its customers. This will lead to a quick reply, which is an effective way of keeping customers posted and engaged, which will help boost their engagement.

4. Cost-effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages businesses could face through bulk SMS is its cheapness, and this has made it easier for businesses to send messages to many of their customers at an almost free cost.

7 Ways to build customer relationships using bulk SMS Services

Maintaining a relationship with your customer is one of the most important things businesses need to do. The more they feel valued, the more they'd want to do business with you. With us are some of the ways you can build a relationship with your customers using bulk SMS services;

1. Send personalized messages

Sending personalized messages through bulk SMS is one of the most effective ways a business can build a relationship with its customers. Through the personalization of SMS, you will give your customers a gesture that you care and value them.

2. Offer promotions

Businesses can use bulk SMS services to send promotional messages to their customers. By sending them, they can create a relationship through interactions, which may lead to an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

3. Send reminder

You can use bulk SMS to send your customers reminders about your offers. Whether it's an upcoming event or a special offer that you want them to know about, so that they can make purchases.

4. Send survey

Make use of bulk SMS services to send out surveys to your customers. This could be because you want to know how much they like your products and areas that needs to be tweaked. Based on their ratings, you can develop a better strategy for your products and services that will satisfy their needs, which will be good for business.

5. Get feedback

Use the bulk SMS services to ask for feedback and get to know insights from your customers. This will help you understand customers better to give them worthy products and services.

6. Send thank you messages.

Through bulk SMS services, you can send customers thank you messages as a gesture that you appreciate them by choosing you over other businesses. This will be an excellent way for you to build meaningful relationships with them and show them that you value their relations.

7. Send tips and advice.

Leverage bulk SMS services to send tips and advice to your customers based on what they want to purchase from your store. This will help you build loyalty and trust amongst customers.

How Can Integrating Bulk SMS With CRM Help Your Business?

The integration between bulk SMS and customer relationship management system has a lot to benefit businesses. From simplifying business processes and handling large tasks that human beings could take a couple of days to accomplish. Let's see how the integration can be helpful for businesses below;

1. Streamline processes

By integrating bulk SMS and CRM system in your business, processes will be done easily with the help of automation in performing repetitive tasks such as customer services, onboarding, order tracking, and analysis. 

2. Increased revenue 

Through bulk SMS and with the help of customer relationship management, your business will be at an advantage in driving more sales. By companies sending promotional SMS to customers and using CRM to personalize and schedule them for the time to be sent, the level of them being sold can be boosted.

3. Improved engagements

The bulk SMS integration with CRM can help a business send messages such as promotions and offers that can reach the targeted audience quickly. This action increases customers' chances of engaging you in such conversations, leading to loyalty and more sales.

4. Automate customer communication

If you are looking for the most effortless way to communicate with your customers it will be through automated messages. The bulk SMS and CRM integration can quickly help you automate customers' communication. You can set it up based on how you want it to function, i.e., you can set it to send messages to customers once they've taken certain actions, and they will be notified.

5. Improve customer service

Integrating bulk SMS with CRM can help a business improve customer service. This is due to the communications made between a business and its customers for follow-up purposes to know whether what they are giving customers is good enough. This will help you as a business person to come up with ideas that would help improve your business resulting in customer satisfaction.


Combining bulk SMS with customer relationship management (CRM) is an excellent way for businesses to drive sales and build customer relationships. Bulk SMS will help you send many messages to your customers, and through CRM, you can keep track of and monitor communication. If your business is not integrated with these great applications, it's high time you consider them together. There are very many things that you will achieve with them put together.

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May 3, 2023
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