Contact forms-how to use them to build email listings

A contact form is a website page that permits users or visitors to reach and keep in touch with website owners through messaging.

What's the quickest way to engage your customers and visitors online? It is through contact forms! With the availability of this unique feature on your website, visitors can connect with you and ask questions to get answered back in no time. At no point would these forms turn helpless, as most businesses have managed to make great use of them when it comes to audience engagement. 

In this article, our main aim is to give you knowledgeable facts on what they are and how you can operate your website with them as follows;

  • What is a contact form?
  • How do contact forms work?
  • Contact form best practice
  • How to use contact forms to build email listings
  • Conclusion

What is a contact form? 

Before we examine how a contact form works, let us look at what it is. Therefore, a contact form is a website page that permits users or visitors to reach and keep in touch with website owners through messaging. With a contact form, a user will have a section whereby they can fill in their email address, name, and message before submitting.

How do contact forms work?

Deep down, you would want to know whether contact forms are effective. The answer is yes. They are helpful and work in many ways for websites. Some of the ways they work are as explained below;

  1. A contact form would serve you right if you are a business owner that's highly looking for ways on how to build an email list. Through visitors signing and receiving their details information, you will be able to develop a functional email list that will help you in future.
  1. Contact forms make it easy for users to message you and get feedback faster without waiting much longer. It benefits users and helps you as an entrepreneur not to give space to spammers who might want to use your email for different purposes such as spamming your customers.
  1. Through a contact form, you can see and get hold of inquiries from your users online searching to get solutions from you. You might want to involve a few tricks for this process to be possible such as including WordPress plugins for assistance.
  1. Through a contact form, you will be able to get leads whom you might want to consider converting them into buying customers by then. These leads will be the ones to determine whether your product will sell or not.

Contact form best practice

Contact forms give websites the privilege to engage with their site visitors efficiently. Through the forms, a business can be able to market what they have through contact form marketing, allowing their business to grow. But if the form is planned carelessly, people would ignore your website like a plague since customers wants to see attractive forms that would impress their views right away. With us are some of the contact forms' best practices you should put to the test;

  1. Let your contact forms be easy to find

Do not hide your contact form or put it in a section that users on your website can not easily see. Instead, let it be out there in the opening for it to be noticed on your website's front page.

  1. Make the form short and straightforward

Make details on your contact form to be short and straight to the point for a user to fill in quickly. If you are creating your form, ensure that you have given it a title and subtitle to at least inform users what they are signing up for. 

Check out these contact form HTML templates you can use to create for your website.

  1. Include a call to action

While setting up your contact form, you might want to put a sign of action so that your users can execute a command on it. Whether it's the "submit button or "send," let it be clear to them.

  1. Schedule responses

Don't keep users waiting for a more extended period. Ensure that your system is well managed with appropriate feedbacks sent back to them on time. Through these timely back-and-forth conversations, a user can choose to buy or not from your site.

  1. Keep in touch

Try following up on users to understand their progress, what they like, and what other advice they'd need to know. Giving them these follow-ups would lead them into creating trust and want to corporate with you always. 

How to use contact forms to build email listings

Including contact forms in generating an email list is one of the most important things to do for your business. As a company, your focus should always be on selling and generating leads, whether through emails or social media platforms, as long as it works for you. Many have grown their business through email lists, and with us are ways you can use them;

  1. Add a contact form section on your website

Including this section on your website would be a smarter since you will manage to come up with a stable and functional email listings. Think about how you can get a list of your visitors' names and email addresses and save them for future use. These will be achievable with the help of a CRM software managed companies such as, which will be of assistance to you when it comes to customer-related relationships.

  1. Promote your contact forms

There are numbers in a promotion. Let people see what you have. You will never know where you will get your customers from next. You can promote your contact form on your social media platforms and also on your website.

  1. Have an easy to fill-in forms

Make your visitors' work easy cause I doubt they'd want a time-consuming type of form to fill in. Ensure the contact forms are precise and straight to the point for an easy task for them.

  1. Create good content

Make your contact form page look appealing with good content posted to attract your followers' attention. Your contact form website shouldn't be as boring but instead, look for ways to make your content hard to ignore and more engaging.

  1. Use links

Include your business's links on your contact form. This would help direct visitors to more of your content they can check out on and might get interested. Whether they are blogs that you want them to read or for the sake of increasing sales, consider sending them an email with clickable links to those sites. 


At least a higher percentage of companies want to provide their users with a place they can reach them easily and get their questions answered. With the availability of a contact form website, communication has been achieved, creating a good relationship between users and owners. 

Putting a contact form website is the way to go for all businesses looking to create a relationship with their customers. It is through contact form marketing that small businesses turn into big companies. If you haven't tried it, it'd be a great idea to do it now more.

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April 18, 2023
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