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Cloud-based CRM-a beginners guide & its impacts on businesses

Cloud-based CRM is a system that allows users to access information anywhere in the world and on any device, with the software hosted on the cloud.

Gone are the days when business people used to manually keep their customer's data in books that they would go back to refer to in case there was a need to. Technological change has brought us to a world where customer data is kept in the computer and managed adequately for future goals and uses.

With every action taken being computer-based, work has been simplified, and it has been more accessible and easier to deal with millions of customers worldwide. Isn't that just incredible? With a cloud-based CRM that offers a ton of functionality to its users and being among the modest packages of CRM, technology has been nothing short of remarkable.

In this article, we focus on the basics you need to know about cloud-based CRM as follows;

  • What is cloud-based CRM?
  • 6 Benefits of cloud-based CRM
  • Free cloud-based CRM
  • Impacts of cloud-based CRM on businesses
  • Conclusion

What is a cloud-based CRM?

Cloud-based CRM is a system that allows users to access information anywhere in the world and on any device, with the software hosted on the cloud. On the businesses sides, usually, it helps automate processes and, at the same time, retain customers, and better their experiences leading to them purchasing, among many other options you can think of.

6 Benefits of cloud-based CRM

You are in the right place if you are going for a cloud-based CRM system. We have several benefits that come with them that would upgrade your business. Such benefits you will be met with are as follows;

  1. It's easy to install

As the name suggests, installing a modern cloud-based CRM is as easy as 123! You don't necessarily have to go through a bunch of processes as it can be easily installed with a stable internet connection then you will be able to operate. I know most small businesses have their largest insecurity in dealing with complicated systems, but the good news is that you will be at ease with this cloud-based CRM. 

  1. Secure

By using a cloud-based CRM, you are at an advantage of having your data secured hence you will be able to do anything you want while using the CRM application. Companies that offer cloud-based CRM services, such as HelloDuty, are big on cyber security systems that work towards providing customers' data with protection.

  1. Software updates

Yes, the cloud-based CRM automatically updates its software whenever there's a new version update. This is unlike traditional CRM software, as it automatically initiates updates when available. You will be thrilled to get good services that work efficiently without lags and inconveniences.

  1. It's easy to use

The software has simple and easy-to-use steps, which have made it user-friendly. It doesn't need much of an effort for onboarding process hence most preferred. It has the ability to back up data for its customers.

  1. Cost-effective

Whether you have a small or big business, you don't necessarily need much money to install CRM cloud-based software, and its maintenance is not as expensive since it operates on paid subscriptions. This would be among the best club solutions for small businesses with little investment, hoping for great results in software.

  1. It can be accessed anywhere

The best thing about a CRM cloud-based system is that you don't necessarily need to be in the office to use it. Instead, you can access it from anywhere, making it easy for your business orders and growth. Be it on your mobile phone or laptop, with your customer's data availability. You are good to go.

Best free cloud-based CRM

Who doesn't like free offers, no one? Investing in free-based CRM software won't hurt your business at all. With us are some lists of the best free software you can start with as follows;

  1. Zoho CRM

If you are going for the best and most free cloud-based CRM, Zoho will be the right one. The software has no trial periods and hidden costs that you might encounter while using it, and the software will help you manage your contacts efficiently without worries.

  1.  Hubspot CRM

Another one of the best free CRM software is HubSpot. If you are a small business and searching for software that will be favorable to you, then you can check out the fantastic features they offer for guidance.

  1. Bitrix24

Registering your business with Bitrix24 wouldn't be such a bad idea. Being the only free software that offers call center integration, it would be the perfect software for those looking to make end-to-end calls. It has excellent features, such as free integrations (rest API), and supports both IOS and android phones, among other features that come with it.

Impacts of cloud-based CRM on businesses

Cloud-based CRM has a positive impact, mostly on businesses in various industries. This solution brings excellent news to entrepreneurs worldwide searching for answers. The following are ways in which CRM impacts your business;

  1. Builds customer service

With the cloud-based CRM working on multiple platforms and being mobile-friendly, customers can be attended to on time and receive their products without delay. This has fastened the rate at which products get sold, and satisfaction has been observed.

  1. Increased efficiency

Automation has simplified work for the whole team, meaning more accuracy and fewer errors. This process has saved many business teams from performing multiple tasks that would consume lots of their time.

  1. Improved data analytics

Through a cloud-based CRM, businesses have been able to track their signs of progress and see how customers engage with their products and areas they need to improve. This has enabled enterprises to develop measures that have boosted their sales game.

  1. Budget-friendly

The kind of money every business person can put into work to get the cloud-based CRM is quite favorable for all businesses. We both know sometimes, small businesses would fear getting software due to price factors, but this one is one of a kind pocket friendly type.


All businesses should consider using the CRM cloud service since its installation and usage are not as complicated and do not need a technician to install it for you. Compared to other non-cloud-based CRMs, this one has a lot to offer and brings more benefits than losses to those who have them for usage. Businesses with the CRM app have got themselves one of the best software ever!

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June 12, 2024
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