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How a CRM can improve customer experience in your business

CRMs simplify the work for business owners who aim to offer exceptional services to their customers. Focusing on customer experience builds the reputation and awareness of a brand and promotes growth.

What is a CRM?

CRMs are often referred to as a data or record keeping tool, an advanced and more efficient excel tool or a tool for nurturing leads to orders. While all these are true functions, CRMs have many more other features which focus on strengthening the relationships between businesses and customers and providing quality customer experience. 

Why is Customer Experience Important for Business

Customer Experience is the ultimate formula to sustain long-term customer relationships in a business. A recent global survey found that 86% of consumers consider the experience a business provides as important as its products and services. Customer Experience should be applied across the sales funnel from the  leads management process to after sales. To learn more about how to improve customer experience in your business, visit our blog on building long term customer relationships in your business

5 ways HelloDuty CRM can Improve Customer Experience in your Business

  1. A CRM helps you stay in touch with your customer

Good customer experience tactics require business owners to still be in touch with their customers even after sales. This will make the customer feel special enough to be purchasing your product or service every time they need it or even refer you to their network. But How does a CRM help you get in touch with your customers? Using the data collected from your customers, a CRM can be able to predict and alert when the customer is most likely to need your product again or when it is best time to communicate a message urging them to share the awareness of your product. A CRM also records special holidays and events like birthdays for your customer and will remind you to send wishes along with discounts or offers. Such kinds of constant communications keep your customers blind to other businesses in your industry!

  1. Personalise Communications

One of the biggest customer experience tactics is the power of personalized communication to customers. Personalizing your communication makes the customer feels known, heard and understood. Emails are a great way to start by calling customers by name instead of “Dear Customer” which is very general. A CRM assists in filling in the blanks and enables you to send mass Email or messaging campaigns while making it look like each message is unique and personalized. The HelloDuty CRM takes it further by allowing you to integrate your favorite Email software such as Mailchimp or Sendgrid for a faster and easier process. It also supports bulk SMS and WhatsApp messaging!

  1. Provide Consistent Communications

Nobody likes explaining themselves over and over again. Unfortunately, many businesses experience a drop in customers because of inconsistency in communications about their products or services. A good scenario would be when recruiting a certain lead and nurturing them to be subscribers, when having these interactions without proper record keeping of the status of the customer, the salesperson can easily forget and end up starting all over again which may anger some customers and cost them to leave or not respond. Another one would be on facilitating a customers' order, if it was not properly recorded the salesperson can easily forget and this may cause the customer to buy from another competitor which is a loss. A CRM stores all pieces of information in a sequence and reminds the sales person where they ought to continue from in their interaction with a certain customer. 

  1. Deliver Relevant Offers

A CRM system provides access to valuable details about a customer’s preferences and buying habits. This information can then be used to create and deliver personalised offers that are more likely to result in repeat business. Your customers will appreciate that the marketing messages and offers they’re receiving from you are relevant to them, and you’ll benefit through increased sales.

  1. Respond Quickly

Another great benefit of a CRM, particularly in terms of customer experience, is automated workflows and routines. Specifically, you can set it up to generate immediate responses to customer inquiries, regardless of the day or time. You can also set a CRM to generate sales reports for reviews. Customers appreciate quick responses and it helps them make decisions faster. Automated workflows also assist your team by reducing the weight and quantity of labour.  

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June 12, 2024
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