Cold leads - how to turn them into hot leads

Cold lead refers to prospects who are unaware of your business and thus express no interest in what you are selling.

If you have mastered the art of selling and understand the business language well, you must know how hard it is to convince cold leads to become hot leads. Getting them to reach a point where they must purchase your products is not a one day task. Sometimes it might take many days or months, but with much perseverance and effort, you will slowly start winning these leads' trust. 

In this article, we are mainly focusing on what cold leads are and how you can get them into your buying circle among many other factors concerning them, you need to know as follows;

  • What are cold leads?
  • The difference between cold leads vs. warm leads
  • How to nurture cold leads to hot leads
  • Hot leads in sales
  • How to turn cold leads into hot leads
  • Conclusion

What are cold leads?

Cold lead refers to prospects who are unaware of your business and thus express no interest in what you are selling. They will not want to associate with you since your business may be new to them, hence the disinterest. As a salesperson, you must ensure these cold leads are aware of your business and can trust your products and services. Not only can cold leads be people but also companies. You must ensure that you have reached out to them and created awareness creatively and convincingly. You should know how to build your brand's trust to improve your lead generation.

The difference between cold leads vs warm leads

 If you compare cold leads to warm leads, you will notice a huge difference since they differ significantly. One is in their "not knowing process" as opposed to the other. Let's see how they differ from each other down below as follows; 

  1. As observed, cold leads are unaware and show zero interest in what you offer compared to warm leads, who are more knowledgeable and interested in your business.
  2. Cold leads may not respond to your offers to reach out and engage compared to warm leads, whom you will find following your social media pages and responding to your messages.
  3. It is hard to convert cold leads into purchasing customers because they are new to what you are as a brand to them hence their trust will be low as opposed to warm leads, who are easy to convince and convert.
  4. Cold leads need a lot of nurturing since they are still green about you as a brand, as opposed to warm leads who require at least moderate nurturing.

How to nurture cold leads to hot leads

Nurturing cold leads needs a lot of effort, channels, and strategies to be put in place. But first, you might wonder what it means. Lead nurturing refers to creating a relationship with your customers at every stage they are with you, which can be through chats or marketing. With the right plan in mind, you are at an advantage of at least bringing them near you, and this is how you can do it;

  1. Create awareness

Your aim is to educate cold leads since they know nothing about you or your business. Come up with ways in which you will attract their attention to convince them. Address their pain points, among other issues. You can solve this through your products and services and, at the same time, create a good connection with them.

  1. Send tailored made emails

Make a personalized engagement with the cold leads email. Through a cold email lead generation, you can provide them with magical ideas your products and services can do for them. Let them express themselves while you give them solutions and ideas of what can work to solve their problems. You can search online for email templates for cold leads that you could use for a cold email reach out.

  1. Engage on social media

There's no more excellent way to win cold leads and get their attention than on social media platforms. Ensure the content you share on these social pages is worth their time and convincing. Give them content they will easily relate to and be helpful. Whether through youtube channels or Facebook, ensure the content you curate is top-tier.

  1. Make cold calls

Know how to market your business through cold calling. You will be able to contact cold leads through the phone. Even though people may think this is an old fashion way, this is the most common and convenient way you can reach out to cold leads and offer them solutions.  

Hot leads in sales

As qualified and highly interested in purchasing your products and services as they are, you can describe them as leads in their final stage. These are facts you need to know about hot leads as they are of importance to you as a salesperson;

  1. There's a high possibility of you closing a sale with hot leads since they already know what they need to purchase from you and understand well.
  2. They don't require any form of nurturing at all hence it is an easy process with them.
  3. They easily engage with the brand in case of any inconveniences or orders they want to make.

How to turn cold leads into hot leads

As a brand, the most important thing to do is to ensure that you have found every possible way to convert cold leads into hot ones and, simultaneously, for them to purchase your products. You should always find and know how to approach cold leads to doing the conversion. These are a few ways in which you can turn cold leads into hot ones;

  1. Create an email list

By visitors signing up to your social sites and by you acquiring their emails, you can manage to come up with an email list that you will use to send your content through. Create eye-catching content and set a time to send them out. Refrain from flooding a lead's email account with too many emails they won't get time to read. If they manage to read what you have sent them, then the better they might be interested in your offers.

  1. Remind them about your business

Sometimes leads are unable to remember that they once interacted with you. Cold leads are not only customers who know nothing about your business but can also be those you engaged with once and went silent for a long time. It is your task to put an effort and remind them of who you are and what services you are offering them. Be tactical with your approach to convince them in making a purchase.

  1. Use calls to action

You can attract a cold lead to the purchasing funnel with a compelling Call To Action (CTA) plan. Don't let your site be dormant without these actions that can push them into buying your products.

  1. Make sales offers

Sometimes, promoting your products can make a cold lead want to try out what you are offering. Introduce new products and give informative descriptions of what they are all about so your leads can get clarity on what they will be dealing with.

  1. Offer them an unsubscribe option

Not every cold lead you will reach out to will be interested in what you offer. Due to that, whichever emails you send out to them, ensure they will be getting an un-subscribe option so they can stop receiving such messages from you if they are uninterested. Unsubscribing will save you lots of time since you can focus on those interested and send them more of your emails.


Cold lead generation is suitable for any business searching to acquire new customers and converting them into hot leads. There are many ways you can go about it to ensure that you have the right targeted leads who might be interested in your services. After getting your cold leads, it is essential to warm them up until they get to the point of becoming hot leads. 

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April 18, 2023
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