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Call Center Metrics and KPIs

Call arrival rate, call abandonment rate, average handle time (AHT), cost per call (CPC), and call recording, are some of the most ideal tools for call center metrics and KPIs.

What Are Call Center Metrics and KPIs?

Call center metrics and KPIs are tools or indicators used to analyze the performance of a call center. Through these indicators, call center managers are in a better position to identify areas that need improvements.

How Do You Determine Call Center Metrics and KPIs?

To determine call center metrics and KPIs, you must look at the harvested data from the tools, such as your call center management tools and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. 

What are Important Call Center Metrics and KPIs?

While there are many call center metrics and KPIs, here are some of the most essential ones, that have proven to improve the performance of your call center, and measure the results; 

Call Arrival Rate

The call arrival rate is one of the most important ways to measure the call center metrics and KPIs, as it indicates inbound calls within a day, week or month. More so, this metric helps to gauge the peak hours for inbound calls, based on the call patterns.

Call Abandonment Rate

Call Abandonment Rate

Call abandonment rate has proven to be a vital tool for call center metrics and KPIs, as it shows the calls that were terminated before they were received. In most cases, these calls are noted as ‘Missed Calls.’ Call abandonment rate is every business’ worst nightmare and could indicate;

  1. Understaffing 
  2. Poor technology
  3. Poor performance

To counter call abandonment rate, most organizations today are embracing AI receptionists, as shown in this video. 

Average Handle Time (AHT)

Average handle time (AHT) is an important  tool for call center metrics and KPIs because it helps call center managers to weigh each agent’s performance, as well as establish the necessary baselines for the amount of time taken to address an issue.  Through AHT, it is easier to tell which agents require more coaching and training, and which calls should be escalated. 

Cost per Call (CPC)

Cost per Call (CPC) is helpful in gauging call center metrics and KPIs as it shows the cost for each call, on average. The ideal CPC is determined by factors such as;

  1. The size of your company
  2. The complexity of the product and the buying process
  3. The nature of a company’s business

To make the best of call center metrics and KPIs, it is advisable for organizations to minimize their CPC, as much as possible. Often, a higher CPC could be an underlying factor for issues such as the platform a company uses, higher telco costs, agents are taking unnecessarily long with the customers, or both. 

Call Recording and Call Whispering

The call recording and call whisper features can be used to measure call center metrics and KPIs, as it allows for the administrator or call center manager to listen in to the interactions between an agent and a customer. As a result, it becomes easier to correct and advise call center agents on their future interactions with customers.

In conclusion, call center metrics and KPIs are tools that can be used to collect valuable data that can be used to improve call center management, and employ better CRM solutions. With these tools, you can identify and rectify any outstanding issues that could be affecting the performance of your organization. More so, these tools are ideal in understanding your customer even better. 

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June 12, 2024
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