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Safaricom USSD codes

Safaricom USSD codes are the easiest way to access Safaricom services without the internet.

Safaricom USSD example

A USSD application, is service that enables mobile phone users to access digital services without internet connectivity or data bundles.

Safaricom pioneered USSD in Kenya with the popular *144# code that subscribers could access their balance. Other Safaricom services that can be access via USSD include,

  • Topping up airtime,
  • Checking balance,
  • Accessing M-pesa,
  • Banking services

How to run a USSD code

On your Safaricom phone, open the phone application and enter the Safaricom USSD code *144# then press the call button.

A USSD code is prefixed by a the * key and postfixed by the # key. On some services, you can also chain menu options to one e.g *144*1# the USSD menu options are separated by a *.

Safaricom USSD codes

Here are the key Safaricom USSD codes that new subscribers should be aware of:

1. *144#: To check your airtime balance.

2. *141#: To load your airtime scratch card.

3. *100#: To Access all Safaricom USSD services for prepaid customer. e.g Unsubscribe from unwanted promotional messages.

4. *200#: To access all Safaricom USSD services for postpaid customers.

5. *544#: To purchase internet bundles and configure internet services on your phone.

6. *126#: To access your Bonga points balance and redeem them for airtime or internet bundles.

7. *222#: To activate and deactivate voicemail services on Safaricom.

Safaricom USSD loan codes

1. *131# To access Okoa Jahazi advance airtime.

2. *855# To access Okoa Stima and borrow airtime tokens from KPLC.

3. *234*1*1# To access Mshwari by NCBA bank

USSD code for Safaricom M-PESA

Dial *334# on your Safaricom mobile phone to access M-PESA services or your M-PESA statement on USSD.

You can also Paybill, and BuyGoods/Till Number or Send and Receive money on any mobile phone via this code.

How to get a USSD code in Kenya

There are 2 types of USSD codes that you can register in Kenya. The code can either be dedicated or shared.

To register the USSD code in Kenya send an email to [email protected] with the following documents attached:

1. Certificate of incorporation if registered in Kenya.

2. Expected USSD use case.

3. Identity document of the contact person. E.g passport or a copy of ID.

4. Company KRA PIN if registered in Kenya.

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June 12, 2024
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