8 Ways to optimize USSD for customer experience

A USSD is a short code used to send messages to mobile users through messaging.

You may have at least dialed a USSD code on your mobile phone but didn't know what it was. Not everyone is familiar with the term Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), and we are here to familiarize you with it for business purposes.

Let us better our knowledge of USSD and see how it has changed our business by improving customer service.

  • What are USSD codes for business?
  • How does USSD work for businesses?
  • Benefits of USSD services for businesses
  • 8 Ways to optimize USSD for customer experience
  • Factors to consider when designing the USSD application
  • Conclusion

What are USSD codes for business?

A USSD is a short code used to send messages to mobile users through messaging. Businesses have adapted to the USSD services by effortlessly integrating them into their system for customer support services.

Businesses can use several USSD codes daily for their own beneficial needs. Depending on the country you are in, you must confirm and ensure that the codes you input, whether they are for registering your business or inquiries purposes, are correct.

With the correct digits to dial, you can get started with a suitable code in mind for accessible operational functions. Ensure that the codes work properly by inputting the numbers and seeing what options the dialed code offers on your screen. 

How does USSD work for businesses?

USSD codes have helped businesses in many ways. Companies can communicate with their customers with the technology integrated into their systems, and this can only happen if customers select and input the correct code per their desires.

Businesses worldwide use USSD for their customers, whether remote or in areas with no network, regardless of the time differences. They can give their customers a real-time communication experience by dialing the short, easy-to-use code.

Through the USSD application, businesses can initiate customers' mobile payments and other financial services, such as checking their balances and requesting assistance. 

Businesses can offer customers many of their services, such as interactive menus, customer service payment confirmation, and more they can offer. This enables customers to get real-time notifications and assistance, among other services they might need.

Benefits of USSD services for businesses

There are several reasons why businesses might need to have USSD services included in their businesses. The services USSD offers businesses are an efficient and reliable platform to make communications and provide tailored services to their customers. Let's see why it's beneficial to businesses as follows;

  1. Cost-effectiveness

If you are a business owner looking for the most convenient and cheapest way to reach your customers, then USSD services would be ideal for you. The application does not need expensive software or hardware investments to get started with it. 

  1. Instant delivery services

Exchanging messages between businesses and their customers have been made instantly, and this is all thanks to the USSD application. This has allowed companies to get important information to their customers and get feedback, and payments, among many other services, faster.

  1. Easy to use

The USSD services are easy to understand and input. With the code being short in digits, customers don't have to waste much time trying to input the numbers to access the application services.

  1.  High reach

USSD is an excellent tool for businesses to reach customers, no matter their area. This is because of the application's ability to operate in areas with little to no internet access or technological support.

  1.  Interactive User Experience

Through making steps on the USSD applications, customers can be able to interact with the application through their interactive sessions. This will help customers know the options they have selected and thus make the right decisions while on it.

  1.  Increased engagements

The USSD offers a platform whereby customers can interact and engage quickly. This will help them be more aware of the brand they are dealing with and increase their business's loyalty.

8 Ways to optimize USSD for customer experience

What processes does a business have to go through to optimize USSD services in their system to better their customers' experiences and satisfy them? Let's find out below;

  1. Use short intuitive menus

It will be ideal for every business needing to optimize the USSD services in their system to create short and intuitive menus for their customers. This will give them an easy time navigating through the application without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Use visual elements

Visual elements speak louder than words. Make use of features, such as icons, that can be helpful for your customers to identify the options they need to select from quickly.

  1.  Provide context

Provide your customers with contexts to understand what they are supposed to do. Offer instructions that will guide them on how to use your service. You can give them steps for direction on how to use your USSD services for processes such as payments, transactions, and more.

  1. Utilize pre-filled options

Speed up your customer's processes by automating some of the services they have to input. This will help give them an easy time operating your code and shorten the procedures they have to go through to be served.

  1.  Optimize for speed

Ensure that your USSD code sessions can operate faster. This will help decrease the time customers wait to access your services so they don't give up on it. Make sure your network is sufficient to handle traffic and operate well.

  1.  Leverage analytics

Look at your analytics based on how your customers use your USSD services. You can optimize their experience and improve their satisfaction level through the analytics acquired.

  1. Support multiple languages

Offer customers who don't understand specific languages an option of different languages to choose from. This is because you will simplify their process by helping them take suitable actions.

  1.  Use feedback

Make use of customers' feedback who have interacted with your USSD services to see what's working and what's not. This will help you adjust your services and provide them with an even improved application for a better experience.

Factors to consider when designing the USSD application

Designing your USSD application requires much research and certainty about what you are doing. In order to get a better picture of what you want it for, you need to consider certain factors, and with us are some of these factors;

  1. Simplicity

To design your USSD application to serve your customers, you need to make it as simple as possible for use. The options given to your customers should be clear and straightforward menus for easy understanding.

  1.  Security

Security is among the number one factor that should always be considered. Ensure that your USSD application is protected and can be able to protect your customer's data against malicious activities.

  1. Usability

Your USSD application should be user-friendly. Ensure that it's compatible and easy to use by your customers and that it's able to give them solutions according to the needs they want to be served.

  1.  Performance

Ensure your USSD application is built to operate as fast as possible. This is to give your customers a better experience while using it for their day-to-day quests. Design it in a way that its speed is fast and reliable too.


USSD's are a must-have for businesses looking to serve their customers quickly and offer them a better experience also. The quick USSD codes input in customers' mobile phones should be designed to give users correct and suitable options to choose for their needs to be catered for.

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February 28, 2024
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