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Survey for customer satisfaction

A customer satisfaction survey is a series of questionnaire forms by marketers for customers to fill in their honest reviews of their products and services.

Customers are the most critical factor every business should look into. Without them, then there's no need for business. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you should always look forward to treating them with respect by making them feel appreciated and welcomed. 

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a series of questionnaire forms made by marketers for their customers to fill in, letting them know how they feel about their products and services offered. Conducting a survey will help you determine your customers' reactions toward what you are giving them.

As a company, you should always strive to put your customers' needs first. Customer satisfaction will improve your company to an outstanding level of growth and experience, which would be suitable for your business. 

In this article, we are going to focus on customer survey satisfaction and get to find out more about the whole process as follows;

  • What is customer survey satisfaction?
  • Why customer survey satisfaction is important
  • How to measure customer satisfaction
  • How to write a customer satisfaction survey
  • Conclusion

Why customer survey satisfaction is important

As a business owner, a customer survey will help you in many ways, and these are the reasons why it's important;

  1. Grow your business

Through the survey, what goes through an entrepreneur's mind is to find ways to grow their business more. With a good understanding of their customer's reviews on their products, they can know which ones are good to separate from ones that need improvement for better quality. This will increase their sales and lead to more revenue income.

  1. Determine what's working

Being in a position to listen to your customers is an excellent thing to do. You will be able to notice what product is receiving low or poor reviews and not selling. This way, you can make changes that will lead to better improvement.

  1. Connect with customers

You can connect with your customers through reviews by following up and reaching out to them through different social sites. You can also chat one-on-one with them before and after their purchases on your website. With the connection, you can find out what they prefer and how they want to be served.

  1. Track your progress

Being able to carry out a survey will give you actual results and you will be able to know the progress of your business. You can find a pattern and track to know how its functioning as time goes by while you are still in business.

  1. Proper decisions making

Customer surveys will help you as a business person know and make decisions based on facts and observations. It will assist you to avoid making irrational decisions that would later destroy your brand, instead, make them with more knowledge and expertise.

How to measure customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is good enough to tell you what your business needs, and most entrepreneurs measure them by setting KPIs to guide them. Customer satisfaction will be used to determine whether your customers will remain loyal to you or your business will fall out, leaving you bankrupt.

These are the key performance indicators you can use to measure customer satisfaction as follows;

  1. Customer retention rate

The ability of you retaining customers and being able to keep track of them is a crucial thing to do. Customer retention rate refers to the actual percentage of customers you have managed to keep as a company. Determining the rate helps you to know your customers well based on what they like about you as a brand. 

  1. Net promoter score

NPS is a metric that monitors customers' experience and foretells the business's growth rate. Companies use this to measure and see how customers view their business. If it's positive, they may refer other customers to get products from you, rapidly leading to business growth and vice versa.

  1. Customer satisfaction score

Most businesses use this metric to measure how satisfied or happy their customers are with their products and services. Marketers would ask them about their experience through an online customer satisfaction survey to hear from their point of view. This will help reduce your company's customer churn and increase customer loyalty.


SERVQUAL, as the name suggests, is a metric designed to measure customer satisfaction through services offered by businesses. The metric aims to measure and monitor customer satisfaction through their expectations versus the quality a company provides.

How to write a customer satisfaction survey

The main aim of writing and coming up with an effective customer satisfaction survey is to get honest answers that will determine the next action you need to take as a company. These are ways in which you can put them down for your customer's coordination;

  1. Make it short

By having your survey in writing form and as short as possible, you will save a lot of time for both you and your customers. The survey doesn't have to be extended, as that will consume their time. Sometimes customers find it challenging and tiring to go through long texts, and keeping it short and straight to the point is a better way for you to get answers.

  1. Be tactical

As much as you are asking them these questions, keep them straight to the point. Your survey to customer satisfaction questions should be relevant and aim at what you want to achieve as a company goal.

  1. Yes/No questions and answers

Make use of these simple-to-answer questions skills. The questionnaire for customer satisfaction form should contain easy-to-answer questions. Try to make it simple to avoid wasting time getting them to answer your questions. Your survey for customer experience should be precise and meaningful, i.e., "did you like our services?"

  1. Be specific

Get to specify the kind of questions you are asking your customers to answer. Do not assume they already know what you might be asking them because you can't compare the knowledge you have on products with theirs. Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations. Some might not really know what you mean by them, which may lead to wrong answers.

  1. Schedule your customer survey

When to send a customer survey is essential to keep in mind. Start by setting specific days of the week or weekends you can send these survey questions to your customers. You can research when to send a customer survey to your service users for better engagement. Know when are best days are and get your customers to engage.

Examples of survey questions for customer service

These are some of the customer survey questions you might find as follows;

  1. How do you find our products and services?
  2. How can you rate our products on a scale of 1-10?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how much would you recommend your friends to buy our products?
  4. How do you feel about our website?
  5. What was your experience with our team?
  6. Would you mind if we contacted you for a follow up after the purchase?
  7. Would you want to associate with our brand in the future?


Customer survey satisfaction will bring business and revenue to your company. Applying all the necessary methods to satisfy your customers will lead to you having good reviews from customers and, at the same time, having them stay loyal to your services. Not only will you experience these changes but also, you will notice an increase in customers number. You will improve on your customer retention ability with the efforts you put on these surveys.

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June 12, 2024
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