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31 popular USSD Codes Kenyans use daily

Some of the most popular ussd codes in Kenya include codes for checking airtime balances, accessing internet services, and checking bank account balances. There are also codes for Kenya Power Lighting Company and Nairobi Water, and other utility companies.

What are USSD Codes?

USSD codes are a quick way to access various services on your mobile phone. They are usually short codes that are easy to remember. In Kenya, there are a variety of ussd codes that can be used to access different services.

Some of the most popular ussd codes in Nairobi include codes for checking airtime balance, accessing internet services, and checking bank account balances. There are also codes for Kenya power and water, and other utility companies, the list is endless.

You can also create your own USSD code by watching this video:

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most popular USSD codes in Kenya and what they're used for.

Safaricom Kenya USSD codes

Safaricom is the largest telecommunication company in Kenya while concurrently being the most profitable company in Eastern and Central Africa. This naturally suggests that they have some of the most popular ussd codes in use Nationwide such as:

1. *100#: Customer Service Menu Code

2. *456#: Safaricom services

3. *234#: MPESA services

4. *144#: Airtime balance

5. *400#: Safaricom Home Fiber

6 *141*PIN#: for airtime top up

Airtel Kenya USSD codes

Airtel Kenya has a wide range of ussd codes being used by Kenyans on a day to day basis for various processes such as :

7. *141#: Airtel Talk time Gift Service

8. *133#: Airtime Balance Code

9. *544#: My Airtel Menu

10. *400#: Airtel Super Deal menu code

11. *123#: Airtel Credit Loan code

12. *122#: Airtel WiFi Calling menu code

13. *126*2#: Airtel Balance Transfer code

14. *126*1#: My Number Check AirTel

15. *100*1*4#: Sambaza

Telkom Kenya USSD codes

Telkom Kenya is an integrated telecommunications provider in Kenya and like Safaricom and airtel have ussd codes of their own .

Telkom USSD codes

16. *188#: to check airtime balance

17. *188*: Voucher card number# for loading up airtime

18. *1#: to find out ones number

19. *180#: to buy data

20. *#06#: to check your mobile phone’s IMEI number.

21. *2#: to check your IM

USSD codes used by banks in Kenya

You can use the codes below to access banks via their Mpesa services

22. *987#: for the Bank of Africa (BOA)

23. *356#: for Guardian Bank

24. *522 #: for KCB Bank

25. *654#: for Commercial Bank of Africa

26. *667#: for Co-operative Bank

27. *722#: for Standard Chartered Bank

28. *325#: for Family Bank Ltd

29. *247#: for Equity Bank

30. *335#: for Ecobank Kenya

31. *344#: for Jamii Bora Bank

Unclaimed Assets

*361#: According to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA) the value of unclaimed assets in Kenya is roughly Ksh55 billion and that only 23,134 claims have been filed by Kenyans since 2014 which sums up to only 1.5 billion. To confirm if one has unclaimed assets they should check using this ussd code.

NTSA Kenya

Using the code (22846) one can access a range of services from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) using the format ID12345678.

Nairobi County Services

*235#: One can pay for their county services such as carpark using this USSD code.

Nairobi Water

*888#: Kenyans can access their water bills and mini statements by using this code.


*222#: Citizens in Kenya can access their water bills and mini statements by using this code.


*572#: Citizens in Kenya can access their water bills and mini statements by using this code. You can access eTims via this code or via *222#.

KPLC (Kenya Power and Lightning Company)

*977#: Kenya power has made paying for electricity has over the recent past become particularly convenient by introducing this ussd code.


*642#: Millions of students join university every single year but do not have the luxury of paying their tuition fees, so they acquire helb which can be paid using the ussd code.


*303#: The National Social Security Fund is responsible for workers in the private sector and as compensation they are paid using this ussd code.


*155#: A wide range of Kenyans are get their insurance from National Hospital Insurance Fund which make sit possible to pay and register for their services using this USSD code.

CRB Listing

*433#: Credit Reference Bureau is responsible for collecting data on loans that have been issued and creates reports .So for one to look up their credit score they can dial.

Unknown Mobile numbers registered using your ID

*106*2#: In 2021 Safaricom Kenya introduced a feature that would enable one to get notified anytime a new registration line was created with an individuals ID number and provided the ussd code.

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June 12, 2024
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