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10 ways to fund your business in Africa

Business funding provides financial loan support to businesses looking to start or upgrade their job.

To start your business, you need to have a business fund because this is an essential factor every entrepreneur has to keep in mind.

In Africa, we both know the hustle of accessing funding easily has become more complex every day. Many entrepreneurs have faced barriers such as having limited access to credits and a need for more investment opportunities. However, there are several ways that an entrepreneur in Africa can raise funding for their business. 

In this article, we will discuss ten ways an entrepreneur can raise funding for a business in Africa and more as follows;

  • Why African businesses need funding
  • business funding tips in Africa
  • Ways to raise funds for your business in Africa
  • Business funding organizations in Africa
  • Conclusion

Why African businesses need funding

Having your business funded will give you the permission to commence on your journey and be able to run it smoothly without worries and destruction. Not only can a company need funding through the starting process, but also there could be other reasons. With us are some of the reasons why your business may need funding as follows;

  1. Most companies need start-up funding to get started with their businesses. Failure for these funds would make them unstable and sometimes fail to operate successfully over a long time. Entrepreneurs may borrow loans from banks to help them grow their businesses as they pay later in installments.
  2. Sometimes, when businesses have experienced growth in the number of customers, they may need money to finance the business and get more products for their customers. They may want to purchase new assets that will help improve the business, thus the need for the fund.
  3. A company can need money to restructure the existing loan debt they took while venturing into their business. This can be done by borrowing a new loan to repay the existing one to be faced with penalties for late payments.

Business funding tips in Africa

To get business funding capital for a start, you need to come up with a solid and strategic business plan that will guide you. The following are tips you can follow;


Exposure will get you going places. Take time to ask for funding and create a meaningful connection between you and those in power. Strengthen your network among other people who will benefit you and your business.

Be clear and straightforward

Give a clear and precise pitch deck to the present investors about your business. Let them know your effort and need for boosting your business by giving them a few descriptions of what it is all about. If you don't know how to begin, you can check out these pitch deck components that are persuasive in nature and pick one that will go hand in hand with your agenda.

Borrow a loan from the bank

   Getting a loan from a bank would be a good idea if you are looking for the fastest way to solve your business problem. Banks have come in handy for most people, and it won't be such a bad idea given you will be given enough time to repay the loan by then.

Increase your sales

Make an increase in whatever you sell, let them go, and include marketing tactics you can find to see these successes. Get employees that are professional and good at delivering results for tremendous and easy management.

Ways to raise funds for your business in Africa

We have many business funding sources in Africa that are helpful for business. These are the types of business funding you will get and can make use of while venturing into your business journey.


This is a popular method of raising funds. Entrepreneurs get to ask the public to contribute money to their businesses. This can be done through online funding platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which allow entrepreneurs to create a campaign and share it with the public.

Angel Investors

An angel investor is an individual who provides capital to a business in exchange for equity. In Africa, many angel investors are interested in investing in companies with high growth potential. Entrepreneurs can search for angel investors through online platforms, such as Angel Investment Network, or attend networking events and pitch their business to potential investors.

Venture capital

This type of financing is provided to early-stage or high-growth businesses. In Africa, many venture capital firms focus on investing in companies with high potential. Entrepreneurs can search for venture capital firms online or attend pitch events and pitch their businesses to potential investors.

Government grants

In many African countries, business funding is done through government grants to support small businesses and entrepreneurs. These grants can provide financial support for companies working in specific sectors or meeting certain criteria. Entrepreneurs can search for government grants online or contact their local business development agency to learn more.

Business loans

Loans for businesses are a common way for entrepreneurs to raise funding for their businesses. In Africa, many banks and financial institutions offer business loans to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can apply for a business loan by providing information about their business, such as their financial projections and business plan.

Incubators and accelerators

These are business funding programs that provide support to early-stage businesses. These programs typically offer mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding. In Africa, many incubators and accelerators focus on supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. Business owners can search for incubators and accelerators online or attend networking events for more knowledge gain.

Microfinance institutions

They are financial institutions that provide small loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Many African microfinance institutions offer loans to entrepreneurs, often at lower interest rates than traditional banks. Entrepreneurs can search for microfinance institutions online or contact their local business development agency to learn more.

Family and friends

 Entrepreneurs can raise funding for their businesses from their family and friends. This can be a good option for entrepreneurs who do not have access to other forms of business funding or who want to keep their businesses small and independent. Entrepreneurs can pitch their businesses to their families and friends, asking for their support.

Suppliers and customers

Entrepreneurs can also raise funding for their businesses through their suppliers and customers. For example, an entrepreneur can ask their suppliers to provide them with goods on credit, allowing them to pay for the goods after they have sold them. 

Similarly, an entrepreneur can offer their customers the option to pay for goods or services in installments, allowing the business to receive an upfront payment and access to additional funding. These can be achieved by coming up with a business funding agreement.

Personal savings

Many business owners use their savings to fund their businesses, which can be a good option for entrepreneurs who do not have access to other forms of funding. You can begin early by saving a business emergency funding account that you can use whenever you need to pay for certain things in your business.

Business funding organizations in Africa

If you are searching for revenues that will help you start your business or boost it in some way while in Africa, then look no further as we have a list of funding organizations you can look up to as follows;


This is a Switzerland private-based group of companies aiming to impact people's lives. Seedstars can achieve this empowerment through their well-known entrepreneurial and technological skills in emerging markets. They provide start-up acceleration programs that help start-up businesses grow.

Acumen fund

Acumen is dedicated to curbing poverty, investing in companies, and empowering entrepreneurs. They worked to invest patient capital for low-income consumers to have easy access to amenities such as water and housing. 

Helios investment partners

Have been a business investment in Africa through bridging international funds to talented African enterprises. Helios investment partners are the largest focused private investment funders for over 30 African countries.


This Norwegian investment organization aims to invest funds in developing countries. Norfund, owned by the Norwegian government, follows the Norfund Act of 1997 to assist and invest capital for businesses in struggling countries.


Entrepreneurs with dreams of starting a business in Africa should not give up on their dreams due to minor inconveniences. There are so many ways they can sort out their problems, and with the easy way of organization funding programs in place, they should be ready to braise themselves in the business sector. 

They can come up with business funding proposals and share them with investors if they want help with money for a start. They can also open a business funding website and have people come through for them. When it comes to business funding requirements, you should be able to give the investors the total amount you need them to provide you with and the period you will take to pay it back.

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June 12, 2024
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