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What is Smile Identity and How It’s Revolutionizing Business Practices

Smile Identity is an African identity verification platform that uses facial recognition technology to verify and identify individuals.

As a business owner, besides attending to customers and selling them your services, working towards identifying new technologies that will keep your business secure is key. Different technologies are revolutionizing the business industry for the better, and one of these revolutionary technologies includes Smile Identity.

Have you heard about it? If not, then we are here to explain what it is and how it's changing the daily lives of businesses dealing with customers. Let's dive in deeper into our understanding:

What is Smile Identity, and how does it work?

Smile Identity is an African identity verification platform that uses facial recognition technology to verify and identify individuals. It works by identifying a customer's face and mapping out unique features such as nose and eyes to create a face print that can be used for identification purposes.

The platform offers African businesses identity verification, onboarding, digital verification, user authentication, and digital KYC services. Smile Identity can be a good deal if you run your services online, such as banking and biometric security in access control.

 It majorly helps businesses in Africa to fully and securely verify their customer's biometrics in real-time using smartphones or computers. Smile Identity has a lot to offer companies; if you are yet to integrate your business with them, you are completely missing out. 

They provide an AI-aided fraud detection system that helps keep businesses alert to know and verify their customers well. This added security enables businesses and customers to develop trust in each other, which is a good start for both.

Ways Smile Identity has revolutionized business practices 

The Smile Identity platform has brought about many positive changes in the business industries, changing how businesses interact with their customers. With its ability to reduce the risk of identity fraud by verifying customers' true identities, business owners have clung to it as their number one go-to solution. Let's see ways in which it has revolutionized business practices and potentially improved customer satisfaction:

1. Increased employee satisfaction

By integrating their system with Smile Identity, businesses can operate smoothly without doubt or trust issues. The idea of employees having to go through facial recognition can help employers automatically recognize their workers, which would lead to satisfaction by both employers and employees in their working places.

2. Improved work efficiency

Through Smile Identity, businesses can track their team's performances and accurately monitor them without any hardship. They can also create customized profiles for their employees if need be. This would lead to maximum efficiency observed since each team member would work towards achieving their company's goals.

3.Enhanced security

Smile Identity has the ability to help businesses maintain security measures at work. This is because employees have to go through a biometric check in order to identify themselves and eliminate unauthorized access to certain areas of their company.

4. Reduced paperwork

By incorporating Smile Identity into your business system, you will no longer have to go the long way by manually filling out forms for employees at work. This is because Smile Identity will allow you to use facial recognition software to validate workers in a business setup quickly.

5. Increased customer engagement

Through Smiling Identity, your business can entirely create a more personalized customer experience. Customers with access to your business can unlock exclusive offers specifically tailored to their facial data, bringing about great engagements.

6. Improved data insights

With Smile Identity in the picture, businesses can collect customer details and get deeper insights into their user behavior and preferences. Through these actions, businesses can create more targeted content that will allow them to better their customers' experiences, leading to more retention.

Benefits of businesses utilizing Smile Identity

If you are in business and looking for the most secure way to implement security in your system, then Smile Identity should be your go-to solution. It offers businesses, whether small or large, simplified identity verification and authentication in the most secure manner possible. Let's find out what are its benefits to businesses:

1. Improved user experience

Think about how quickly customers can skip filling all those long and countless forms and sometimes wait in line once done to complete transactions. Smile Identity helps businesses provide identity verification for their customers and save them from tiring processes in the most efficient, secure, and hassle-free manner. 

2. Fraud prevention

Smile Identity enables businesses cut the risk of fraudulence activities that might hinder customers' trust in their companies. This is achievable since businesses can safely store their customer's data without having unauthorized personnel interfering with them and this would lead to better customer services.

3. Enhanced security

By leveraging Smile Identity's facial recognition system, security within a business setup can be fully tightened, leading to better confidentiality and privacy of customers' data. 

4. Streamline customer onboarding processes.

Businesses can quickly verify their customers' identities globally using a unified facial identification API. This will simplify the onboarding process of new customers with whom they would be doing business with and reducing their waiting time.

5. Increased customer loyalty

By using the Smile Identity platform, businesses can maintain their customer's trust, leading to more loyalty observed. This is because, through Smile Identity, customers' data could be stored safely and used for suitable functions.

Tips for utilizing Smile Identity to optimize business processes

Businesses that fully rely on Smile Identity have much more to offer their customers regarding security matters. Once integrated with a business system, they would gain more trust and even manage to build meaningful relationships with their customers. Here are tips you can utilize Smile Identity to optimize your business processes:

1. Use the Smile Identity tool to initiate a secure and fast customer onboarding processes. Due to its robust identity verification and authentic capabilities, you can easily use it to validate user identity, enabling employees to access customers', business, or internal data.

2. Prioritize security measures by using the Smile Identity feature to verify customers' identities. Through the facial recognition feature, you can get authorized access to users and use vital information in the business system to assist them.

3. Use Smile Identity's biometrics to protect and check your company's important data. This will help you put an extra layer of security to protect your system from malicious and fraudulent activities, which would be good.

4. Monitor your employees' activities using Smile Identity monitoring capabilities solutions. This will help you know what's happening and also protect your company against your data being stolen.


Smile Identity is the revolutionary technology businesses need to make the necessary changes that will help authenticate their customers. To get their pricelist on their services offered, and depending on which services you would wish them help you with, reach out to them at [email protected]. Companies that uses Smile Identity can securely identify their customers through facial recognition and biometrics scanning technologies. This processes helps make businesses' authentication process effortless without wasting time.

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June 12, 2024
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