Voice search-optimization

Voice search optimization is the process of updating data on your website to appear on voice searches.

In this article, we take you through what you need to know about the optimization of voice as follows;

  1. Ways to optimize voice search
  2. Strategies for successful voice search optimization
  3. How to optimize keywords for voice search
  4. Conclusion

Voice search technology has been in existence way longer than we think. It existed in the 90s, with the Dragon company being the first business to develop dragon detect technology for their consumers. You can read more about voice search history and how it came to be.

The main purpose of the voice search app is to answer people's questions when asked. For instance, a user would ask google assistant or Siri to connect them or search for a person's contacts from their phones, and they would get their results back in a flash. This can be achieved by them pressing the voice search button to speak and they are given multiple results.

In an evolving world with digital innovations, technology is everything. New inventions have been part of the progress that's overtaking the world in the fastest way possible. Google Voice Search has become one of the smartest inventions men have ever thought of.

Think about how hard it used to be for us to navigate interior places without asking google for directions. Can you imagine how easy life has turned out for us? Uber drivers can receive our locations and drive us to different destinations by relying on google voice search maps. The system has improved way better now, with most websites being able to develop a more detailed answer for searchers' queries.

Ways to optimize voice search

1. Ensure your voice search is mobile friendly. In most countries, people use their phones to conduct searches with their smartphones. Due to their user experience, Google can rank web pages that are mobile responsive. Optimize your website with the aid of google tools to help differentiate between mobile and desktop URLs in order to show each page to searchers.

2. Input long tail keywords because voice search designed in such a way that it can recognize specific questions asked by users. Google can easily detect what a user wants through their question and give them results accordingly. It can be a simple question like "hey, google, where can I buy a car?" As seen from this question, google is able to know their intent and direct them to car results.

3. Use conversational language as if you are talking to a person. They can use questions like where, what, and who for voice search. Set your content in such a way that they provide answers most efficiently. Avoid using jargon, as it may be difficult for them to understand a point you are putting across. According to google research on conversational content claims that "70% of requests to the assistant are expressed in natural language".

4. Optimize your content for local SEO. This means that your business will be locally visible to searchers around you. You can make this possible by creating a google business profile for your page to direct searchers to your location information. Creating a local profile helps your business to be able to rank in the local search results.

5. Capture google featured snippets from web page listings. If your content appears in the featured box, you will likely get more traffic for search intent. This is because most snippets are acquired from high ranking websites for a query and if featured, it will benefit you. You can get your website featured snippets by writing natural content that answers people's questions. Also, you can use schema markups to help search engines understand your content.

Strategies for a successful voice search optimization

1. Use schema markup 

This is structured data in a coded form that you add to your website HTML to help search engines resonate with the content on your website. Search engines do not function like humans hence won't know whether it's a picture or words on a site. They will only view it in a coded form, but with the help of schema markup, they can understand your content better.

Scheme markup also provides important information on your website in a detailed way, from your business location and contacts to any other information a searcher might need. It helps generate rich snippets for your website, giving you more traffic on the voice search results.

2. Ensure your site works faster

How fast does your website take to load? Have you ever thought about it? One of the most important factors Google considers is how fast it can load when ranking sites. If your page is slow, you can look for solutions to track your speed for better and faster search results.

3. Design pages that answer FAQS

Always ensure your website is set for voice search intent. Voice searchers are always looking for answers to their questions. Be sure to give them the correct answers concerning what they are asking and make them as detailed as possible. You can include schema in your FAQs to provide relevant information about your website.

You can also use specific location long tail keywords on your FAQs pages to answer questions such as "near me" geographically. Set your area code while providing these answers to questions so that voice searchers can easily find you.

How to optimize keywords for voice search

1. Ensure to use short titles on your website. Voice searchers' questions are always short and straight to the point, and so should your answers. Make them relevant so that they can answer a searcher's question accordingly.

2. Use schema markup to help the search engine know what your content is about, so it can put answers in a context where searchers are accurately answered.

3. Link to relevant websites with high search rankings to improve your google search ranking.

4. Ensure your content is answer based- Try to search what questions people are asking and then build your content around answering those questions.

5. Use a language that everyone understands. If you put hard to find words in your content, chances are people won't relate.


The voice search app has so far been one of the best innovations developed by human beings. The number of businesses going for this option has helped many webpage owners to get highly ranked in the SEO world.

 While setting your site for voice search marketing, set aside a bunch of frequently asked questions and provide answers on your content. This will help improve the search function for users. You can surely follow these steps for a well built and ranked website for voice search optimization.

Last updated
May 5, 2023
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