The new Mpesa application-all you need to know

The new Mpesa application is a mobile banking application that allows you to track and make money transfers and payments easily.

What's popping? The new Mpesa App powered by Safaricom PLC! Are you using the app? If not, drop what you are doing, login to your play or app store, and download it to experience change.

Let's dig in for a better grasp of what the MpesaA application is all about in this article as follows;

Did you know you can build your own MPESA via USSD?

How does the new Mpesa application work

The new Mpesa app has partnered together with other mobile banking services such as NHIF, E-Zawadi, madaraka express, and NSSF mobile among many others services. Their main aim is to assist their customers to have a cashless operation with the services and still pay through the application registered numbers.

Customers registered to the application have access to different services, such as depositing and withdrawing money from their accounts. They can do all these actions by entering their PINs, and immediately they will receive notifications on their selected actions to be made.

Through the Lipa Na Mpesa, one can pay for services that need to be paid for. Sometimes adulting can be very challenging given that you have to pay more and more for maintenance until you have none left, but with the MPESA app, you can also borrow loans through Mshwari and KCB mpesa while on the app.

Not only does Mpesa app show you the balance, but if you have subscribed to Fuliza by Safaricom, you can be sure to see what remaining amount you have in your account. Isn't that amazing? Imagine all your needs, money transaction, and balances being met under one system.

How safe is the Mpesa application for its users?

The answer to this question is very safe. You can make a transaction to the wrong account and get asked to confirm whether you want to proceed before inputting your PIN. As long as you have the application, you are at no risk of being robbed off your money on the account, provided you haven't shared your PIN with other people. As the saying goes," PIN Yako Siri Yako." Don't share it for security purposes.

The new Mpesa application-home screen 

Let’s look at some of the features you will come across while using the app as follows down below;

  • Your Mpesa balance which you can either choose to hide or let it be visible.
  • Available Fuliza money you have in your account, that is if you have subscribed for the services.
  • Actions you can select from sending money, paying, withdrawing, and buying airtime.
  • Your Mpesa statement which has all your transaction history put in one place for viewing purposes.
  • Frequent services used that you can use to pay or send money easily.

What features does the new Mpesa application have?

What are some of the exciting features will you experience while using the new Mpesa app? Let's find out down below;

  • Privacy - Think about how you can be in a situation whereby you don't want to show people what you have in your account, with the new Mpesa app, you can filter by disabling people from viewing what you have.
  • Security - Accessing your Mpesa app without worrying about everyone being able to access your account is such a vibe. No matter where your phone is, you will never have to worry about this issue. One has to log in to the app with a PIN, or at least a registered fingerprint for android users and a face ID for apple users.
  • Offline online mode - The new application does not necessarily need you to have data bundles turned on to access. According to how you set the app, you can still use it regardless of whether you have data on or off.
  • QR Code - You can quickly scan for payments by tapping on the "scan code" positioned on the right side of the application. This scanning of codes can help you save time whenever you want to pay for Lipa Na M-PESA services. 
  • Once you have registered your phone with the new Mpesa application, you don't necessarily need a sim card to access the platform and make transactions. 

M-PESA global pay application feature

My answer is yes, you can! The application comes with a mini program called Global Pay that enables users to send money to any part of the world. Not only does it allow sending money, but it allows you to be able to pay for services outside Kenya. 

Under the M-PESA global pay, you will find different options you can use to access international services with the help of the following;

  • Send to mobile
  • Send to bank
  • Send to western union
  • PayPal account which should be linked to your M-PESA mobile number through the PayPal mobile money services with the use of a code sent after registration.
  • PayPal withdrawal 
  • PayPal top up
  • Roaming pick up
  • Cost estimator

Please click on the link to read more about global pay.

How can you access M-PESA global pay on the M-PESA application?

You can access these services by activating them with a virtual M-PESA visa card provided on the app.

  1. Go to the M-PESA app and click the M-PESA global pay application to select, then pick your global pay visa color according to your preference.
  2. Before activating the card, ensure to have read the terms and conditions as required, then activate it to authorize transactions by inputting your PIN, face ID, or fingerprint and logging in.
  3. You will receive a pop up message to show that you have successfully registered for global payment services. This means you can be able to make payments while on the mini app internationally.

Can I use Mpesa app outside Kenya?

Yes. You can access the Mpesa app anywhere in the world as long as you have a Safaricom SIM card. The application will check for the Safaricom SIM card and if it finds one (SIM 1 for dual phones) it will allow you to proceed and authenticate.

You also need to have an active Mpesa account.

How to download the new M-PESA application

Installing the new M-PESA app on your phone is as easy as 123. You will get free 500MB worth of data bundles from Safaricom by downloading the app. If you have a smartphone, these are the simple procedures you need to follow;

  1. You need a minimum of iOS 9 and Android 4.4 versions, respectively to download this app. 
  2. Log in to your apple or google play stores to download and install the app.
  3. You will be required to sign up at this point. You should have an M-PESA account and your sim card for registration.
  4. Input your PIN, and voila! You will have already gotten your way through the application.
  5. If it’s your first time on the app, you will receive data bundles within 24 hours of registration.

Uses of M-PESA application

Using the M-PESA app has been made easy and straightforward to understand, with instructions already set on the home screen accordingly. Once you have the application on your mobile phone, navigating through it will be easier than it may seem. 

  1. The application is built in such a way that if you want to send money to someone, if that person is in your contact, you can effortlessly search for their numbers instead of putting the digits manually. 
  2. If you want to pay for electricity (tokens) that you usually pay for, the M-PESA app saves you time by giving you the most recently paid Pay Bill accounts with their details stored for quick Pay. 
  3. Want to visit your "mama mboga" and look for quick options to pay for her service? You can do that by checking on the app for Lipa Na M-PESA to buy goods and services or PayBill to their Tills.
  4. Are you running out of airtime and need more money on your M-PESA? You can still buy airtime with Fuliza if you have subscribed to the Fuliza services by Safaricom.
  5. Use the Lipa parking na M-PESA by dialing *486# for the purpose of paying for parking services at any place. 

NOTE; You can watch this video that will guide you through the M-PESA application and how you can use it.

Benefits of using the M-PESA application

There are many benefits that come with the M-PESA app if you are a user. Let's find out why the application is good for you; 

  1. The M-PESA app enables users to be able to take accountability for their money records. They can be able to see what amount they have used and what's remaining on the application as same as transaction records.
  2. With an M-PESA application, users can be able to send money and cancel transactions made to the wrong accounts and be able to cancel before making the mistake of sending.
  3. The application helps you spend minimal time sending money to accounts or other mobile users as it can show you the receiver's name, and if it's someone you've been dealing with, it will create an option to pick with their name being first on the list.
  4. M-PESA app has easily made users navigate by listing financial services such as KCB and M-Shwari, among other companies partnered with Safaricom for easy usability.
  5. Users can be able to facilitate money storage and transfers easily from one account to another.

M-PESA business application-Lipa Na M-PESA

If you are a business person, you are at an advantage of accessing the M-PESA app specifically meant for your business. This will help you separate the money received, and transactions made, among other activities you can access while on the app. You can monitor and view your usage history for easy maintenance.

With Safaricom's involvement, businesses have been able to have an easy journey while on the app since they have a Lipa Na M-PESA portal that they can use to register and sign up for Till Numbers. If you are experiencing a problem with your account, you can still reach out to the Safaricom customer care number by dialing 100 to talk to one of their agents.

What are the benefits of using the M-PESA application for business

  • With the help of an M-PESA app for business, business people can withdraw from their accounts and transfer that money to other banking accounts.
  • It helps business people to receive money from their customers, whereby they can't reverse the cash back to their accounts without the business owner and Safaricom's approval.
  • It saves business people from looking for sometimes hard to find change while customers can send money to their till instead.
  • Through customers paying through the till or business number, people in business can track their payments and know the amount of money spent.

Read more on  M-PESA for business application for more information you can use.


The M-PESA application is the way to go for everyone. This is one of the "must" try-out apps you can count on. Login today to view a vast collection of easy-to-navigate features you didn't imagine before made possible before your eyes. From scanning QR Codes to global payment services, among many more, just under one major application. Try the app out today for a change and get a free data bundle reward from Safaricom PLC. 

NOTE: Here's a cool YouTube shorts video you can watch for the M-PESA app.

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March 5, 2024
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