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How To Get A Call Center Job in Kenya

To get a call center job in Kenya, you need to possess the relevant skills, crafting a professional resume, and applying to companies in both the private and public sectors. Prepare for interviews by showcasing your communication and customer service abilities. Keep learning on the job to enhance your career prospects.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a workplace where customer representatives handle incoming and outgoing calls, offering technical support and various services to customers. The journey to becoming a call center agent in Kenya can be straightforward. With proper training, you can qualify for this role in about a year or less. This article delves into the role of a call center agent, detailing their daily responsibilities, the steps to becoming a hunted profession for a call center job in Kenya.

Who is a Call Center Agent?

A call center agent is a professional who manages telephone lines in a call center. These centers serve as hubs for sales, customer support, or technical support teams within organizations. Call center agents in Kenya may work in small business-based call centers or larger facilities specifically designed for call center operations.

What Do Call Center Agents Do?

Call center agents in Kenya play a crucial role in a business’s sales, customer support, and technical support teams. They work in both private companies and government entities, performing a variety of tasks, including:

  • Making cold calls to leads
  • Answering customer support calls
  • Troubleshooting products
  • Upselling merchandise or service plans
  • Greeting customers on the phone
  • Tracking daily calls
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Analyzing calls to determine if managerial assistance is needed

How to Become a Call Center Agent in Kenya

1. Get Relevant Skills Training

The first step to becoming a call center agent in Kenya is obtaining relevant skills training. This involves familiarizing yourself with call center software, customer service, communication, and working efficiently in a fast-paced environment with quotas.

2. Evaluate Your Skills and Plan Your Resume

Prepare a professional resume highlighting your skills relevant to a call center job in Kenya. Focus on experience in customer service environments, such as retail or sales positions, that demonstrate your ability to interact with customers and solve problems quickly and professionally.

3. Design a Skills-Focused Resume

Craft your resume with the following sections:

  • Contact information
  • Professional summary
  • List of skills
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • References
  • Outline skills applicable to a call center job in Kenya and ensure your resume is accurate and professional.

4. Submit Applications

Apply to call centers in both the private and public sectors. Consider the type of call center you prefer, as different sectors offer varied opportunities and requirements.

5. Complete an Interview

If contacted for an interview, it may be conducted over the phone, online, or in person. Dress appropriately, bring a copy of your resume, and be punctual.

6. Continue Learning Hard Skills on the Job

Once employed, continue learning industry-specific skills. Attend training sessions to strengthen your knowledge and increase your experience for better pay and additional responsibilities.

What is the Required Education Level for Call Center Agents in Kenya?

Most call center jobs in Kenya require a business diploma or any related field, but few demand a bachelor's degree.

Call centers typically provide training focused on:

  • Customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Software skills
  • Sales skills
  • Industry laws or regulations
  • Meeting quotas

What are the Required Skills for Call Center Agents in Kenya?

Essential skills for call center agents in Kenya include:

  • Communication: Effective verbal communication skills for interacting with customers, coworkers, and supervisors.
  • Patience: Handling challenging situations calmly, such as dealing with upset customers or long wait times.
  • Punctuality: Arriving on time and meeting deadlines to maintain high call volume.
  • Organization: Keeping workspaces and records organized to track progress toward KPIs or goals.

Work Environment for Call Center Agents in Kenya

Call center agents in Kenya typically work in office settings, either full-time, part-time, or as contractors for staffing agencies. They use telephones and computer software to manage calls and track data. Call centers can be part of a business or operate independently, depending on the call volume and business needs. Call center jobs in Kenya generally have minimal exposure to occupational hazards.

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June 13, 2024
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