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Digital transformation in businesses

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into business processes and workflow.

The new age of digital transformation has brought light into the business world with new inventions of good content and mastermind plans that have made work easy to maneuver through.

 The new digital era has brought us the best results every entrepreneur has been hoping for in a business. Moving from analog manual records to spreadsheets has been the best improvement technology has ever experienced.

But first, what is this digital transformation? How has it helped or changed businesses for the better? We are answering some of the most curious questions in our article to help us understand more about them in one sitting for 10 minutes read as follows;

What is a digital business transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into business processes and workflow. This process is done to outdo an existing business culture into a whole new change that will work towards innovating and giving the best customer services businesses can offer.

Digital transformation of business processes explained.

Digital transformation for businesses generally focuses on moving companies from using spreadsheets and other analog means to technology. The transformation has become a big part of every business's success since every process performed digitally has led to better results than the analog style used to be. 

This has led businesses to create customer relationships and increase revenue-earning processes. Not only that but also, through digitization, enterprises have been able to track their performances and do A/B testing to see what will suit them best.

Through digital transformation, processes have been fastened and broken into simple ways by computer machines only in a way human beings cant compare to what they could submit. Imagine using chatGPT to create resumes and cover letters that will land you your next job. Isn't that just incredible?

Reasons why digital business transformation is essential for growth

Digital transformation of businesses has led to a significant growth spurt of businesses that couldn't be compared to the previous analog era. This growth has been seen and could be easily distinguished compared to the old manual business ways. With us are some of the reasons why your business needs a digital transformation for growth as follows;

  1. Increased efficiency

Business transformation, through automation processes, has enabled work to be smoothly performed without any hardships and extra costs in cases of errors. Work has been perfect, and has enabled the team to work together where need be. This has enabled businesses to produce more and achieve their set goal targets.

  1. Better customer services

Through digital transformation, businesses have managed to come up with better customer service offered to their customers. While still on the customers, businesses, through CRM-offered software companies like HelloDuty, have been following up on customers to know what's missing and what needs improvement. This has enabled a better relationship between the customer and the business leading to more sales.

  1. Increased production

Businesses have been able to give enough work to their team members, and those that are tiresome have been automated with electronic machines to make their job easier. This has saved a lot of the employee's work and time since some tasks are time-consuming. The workflow automation has led to increased sales since products released on the market are enough for purchase by all customers.

  1. Increased profitability

Business digital transformation has enabled lead-capturing processes and data storage, which has led to an increase in the number of customers and sales simultaneously. Customers have been able to have a platform where they can give honest reviews of what they feel is not of quality to them, and businesses have improved in those areas.

Example of digital transformation in business

Examples of digital transformation include the following;

  1. AI-driven sales technique 

AI has been used by businesses to improve sales and get insights. This has been one of the best digital marketing transformations ever made. Through artificial intelligence, data and other needed but cumbersome tasks have been able to be dealt with by computers and other electronic devices. This has enabled businesses to have a quick task submission rate. The AI's ability to determine what will work and what needs improvement is one of the most incredible transformations in the business world.

  1. Transition into remote workspaces 

Companies don't necessarily need to get their employees to a common working area since they can still connect with other employees via online platforms such as slack. This has enabled companies to employ people from different worlds and still function correctly.

  1. Automating business processes using a no-code tool

HelloDuty is a no-code automation company that helps businesses build customer relationships. Their automated services have enabled companies to connect seamlessly with their customers. One of the services that HelloDuty offers is a no-code platform for businesses to build USSD applications. 

Companies such as SunCulture use HelloDuty USSD flows to connect and offer services to their remote customers. The no-code USSD platform allows SunCulture to customize their menu options and make changes quickly. If you are interested on building such codes, feel free to check out our YouTube tutorial on how you can build you can build a USSD application without coding.

Ways how digital transformation has impacted businesses

Whether we like it or not, digital transformation has positively impacted every business in one way or another. This is a discussion we should be ready to have. The following are ways in which these digital transformations have affected companies;

  1. Increased productivity

Businesses have been able to improve when it comes to task completion since there is an automation process taking over what human beings can't submit on time. This has also led to more accurate and better quantity and quality outcomes. This has made employees have a better performance for the tasks assigned to them.

  1. Improved security

Through digital transformation, data has been protected, and it's now not so easy to get hacked as you have to go through a two steps authentication factor to gain access to data. This has made businesses more secure, even while handling their customers' data or the partners they are dealing with.

  1. Enhanced business agility

Through agility, businesses have been able to keep up with the changes that come with digitalization. Businesses can keep up with trends and the current market that customers go for real quickly.

  1. Reduced costs

By automation included in business processes, companies are able to reduce the cost of hiring new teams to submit tasks since they can be done by computers.


Digital transformation by industries has been and will remain the highlight that's never getting out of style any time soon. With many changes and innovations in the industries, companies have been able to cope with the game and even more want to compete to be among the best transformed compared to others. 

Digital transformed companies have the best produced quality services and products. Most businesses have reached their goals and perform much better since they can track and analyze results from these innovations.

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June 12, 2024
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