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Slack is an instant messaging application designed for use in the workplace. It helps do away with the siloed communication systems such as email threads by bringing your team together under one space and allows you to segment and organize communications through Slack workspaces.  Another way to look at Slack is your digital communication headquarter.

As of 2019, Slack had more than 10 million daily active users, showing its dominance as one of the largest workplace communication channels in the world.

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Slack chat spaces

There are two types of chat spaces on Slack, i.e. 

  • Direct messaging or DM
  • Channels or group chats.

Direct messaging allows you to hold private person to person chats that are private only between the sender and recipient.

Channels on the other hand are group workspaces you create to enable members within a department to have conversations that are relevant to them. This way, all updates and alerts easily and instantly reach the relevant teams. 

You can also set up public channels that are open to all members of the organization for general updates, holding random discussions and sharing funny posts just to liven up the organization.

With Slack mentioning, you have the ability to mention a member in group chats to get their attention to a specific message e.g. a query that was specifically directed to them. By doing so, the member receives an alert notification that they have been mentioned and the message is highlighted within the group chat for them to easily find.

Slack chat spaces additionally have a file sharing feature that supports a wide range of formats including images, videos and documents.

Within the chat spaces, members are able to create and automate reminders for themselves and their team. Slack enforces this by sending notifications to a specific person or a channel at the specified times or  intervals so that the recipients can take a specific action. For example join a meeting or have the marketing team make an advertisement go live.

Slack conferencing

Slack also provides an audio feature (called Slack Huddle) and video conferencing feature for members to easily sync up and collaborate and solve time - sensitive issues or even hold impromptu meetings without having to schedule them first.


Slack enables you to get the most value out of your tools by allowing integration with industry leading systems such as Brrng.

Slack for businesses comes in to replace communications that would have otherwise been spread out across text messages, in person meetings and emails by combining their capabilities into one software. 

Quick integration with Slack

Brrng enables you to integrate to Slack in minutes without writing any code. This means you can send messages and files to Slack channels without leaving the Brrng CRM. In the event you would like to integrate Slack to your third party system, Brrng’s no code platform allows you to perform the integration and extend the functionality of your primary system in minutes without writing any code. This means that you do not have to switch from your system to Slack just to send a message or a file to your team. Some of the capabilities of the Slack integration include:

  • Trigger notifications to Slack channels based on specified events. For example, once a new lead has been added on your platform, send a notification to the Sales channel to notify the sales team of the new lead.
  • Send messages to team members without leaving Brrng.
  • Easily share files on the Brrng CRM to team members.

Updated on Feb 03, 2023

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