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When it comes to querying for information on places, Google Places is your best option. 

By inputting your search details, Google Places instantaneously executes the search and returns to you a result or a list of results, based on the type of search you wanted to conduct.

There are various types of search options available for users to choose from. These include: 

  • Find a Place - This search option requests a text input from the user for example a phone number, name or address and returns the coordinates of the places.
  • Text Search - This search option returns the details of a place or places based on the user’s input. 
    For example, a user could search for “coffee place” and Google Places will return a list of places matching the search input and provide information on each location such as address, photos of the place and a description of the place e.g. it is a residential neighborhood.  
  • Nearby Search - This search option allows users to refine their search by providing specific keywords to search against. In addition to this, you are prompted to provide the search radius for executing your search from a specific point. E.g. Search for churches within a 2 km radius of your location or a location you specify.
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Quick integration with Google Places API

HelloDuty enables you to integrate with the Google Places API in minutes without writing any code. This way you can leverage the world's best real-time location sharing services from HelloDuty or from your third party systems or applications. Some of the benefits of the Google Places API include:

  • Enable your customers to find the exact location they would like to receive a delivery from using the Google Places API. The customers are able to receive a list of locations that match their search and can also refine their search to a given radius from a specific point.
  • Retrieve the exact coordinates of your customer's location and use these to avoid getting lost when making deliveries.
  • You can use HelloDuty to build your USSD platform and incorporate Google Places. This means your customers can not only make orders from USSD, but also provide and confirm their location via Google Places. The same capabilities can be applied to WhatsApp where your customers can request deliveries from your business account and confirm their location via Google Places.

Updated on Feb 03, 2023

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