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Sendy is a Kenyan tech - logistics solution company that helps connect businesses and merchants to affordable third party logistic services such as warehousing and delivery at affordable prices.

During the onset of e-commerce platforms across Africa, companies struggled majorly when it came to delivering to their customers. The expenses incurred through logistics and delivery really cut a huge chunk into the profits made by companies and presented a real challenge. This is still a challenge today for small businesses and merchants that sell their products online, where at times the cost of delivery to customers may be higher than the actual price of the product.

It is with these gaps in mind, that in 2015, Sendy was founded. They built their platform to function as a marketplace  that ensures companies and merchants can deliver to their customers with ease and at friendly costs.

This way, Sendy handles all the logistic details so that small businesses can focus on scaling.

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Sendy has set up Fulfillment centers i.e. warehouses where a seller’s goods are stored as they await a customer’s order or delivery. Such facilities target and help sellers that are not able to afford storage facilities. 

These Fulfillment centers are supported by smaller centers that are used to perform drop offs or pickups in relation to the seller’s or customer’s location respectively.

To get started, vendors register on the Sendy Fulfillment platform and upload their goods / inventory. They then send items to a Fulfillment center near them as they await orders from customers.

When a customer places an order, a delivery request with the customer’s details is sent to the Fulfillment center team. This team then carries out the Fulfillment process of picking, packing and shipping the orders to the customer.

Customers have the ability to set the shipping time and place as it suits them. With multiple pickup locations, the delivery charges accrued to the customer are cheaper compared to some delivery platforms, as deliveries will be made from the closest pickup location to the customer. Sendy then provides real-time visibility into the delivery by enabling customers and sellers to track the order.

Sellers are charged a Fulfillment cost of 13% of the selling price of the product ( and 9% for electronics). This caters for pickups from the vendor, storage,  delivery attempts of up to 3 times and delivery tracking.

Quick and simple Sendy integration

HelloDuty’s no code platform allows you to integrate your systems, applications or even CRM to Sendy in minutes without writing any code. You can then interact with Sendy on the HelloDuty CRM or on your platform and not keep switching systems. Some of the advantages of the Sendy integration include:

  • Leverage Sendy's delivery services from your platform. Your customers can access your inventory from your platform and when ready to checkout, HelloDuty will trigger a delivery via Sendy for the order.
  • As customers interact with your products from your platform, they can confirm and update the delivery details while still on your platform. This includes:
    - Confirming an order
    - Requesting the delivery price
    - Changing an order
    - Cancelling an order
    - Requesting the tracking details for their order.
  • Your customers can leverage Google Places capabilities via HelloDuty to set up their delivery location. By simply entering the name of the location they would like to receive the delivery while on your platform, HelloDuty will get the coordinates via Google Places and transmit them to Sendy to perform the delivery.
  • You can build your entire operation on USSD using HelloDuty and and add Sendy capabilities. This way, when a customer accesses dials your USSD short code, they can access all your products. Once ready to make a purchase, they will be requested to provide the delivery details which will be sent to Sendy to perform the delivery. The customer can keep track of the order to know its current location in the delivery.
  • You can similarly build and automate your entire store on WhatsApp using HelloDuty. As your customers interact with your products via WhatsApp and are ready to purchase, they will automatically be requested to provide their location details. HelloDuty will then trigger Sendy in the background to perform the delivery to the customer. All this without your customer leaving your WhatsApp business account.
  • HelloDuty enables you to capture all order details and their delivery status and save them on the HelloDuty CRM giving you visibility into all your orders.

Updated on Feb 03, 2023

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